3 Ways Room Tags Will Make You a Better Scheduler

20 November, 2019

Whether you are juggling new requests, handling last minute changes or keeping staff and service providers informed of what is going on, managing an event services operation can be difficult.

We get it.

That is why having room tags in your scheduling system is so important. Mazévo room tags are a way to easily identify a list of rooms by common characteristics. By using room tags you will:

  • Stay organized
  • Efficiently handle inquiries about you space
  • Concisely communicate what is going on

Here are 3 ways you can use room tags in Mazévo starting right now.

Use them as a way to see important rooms in multiple buildings at once in the event book. Simply tag all the rooms that you want to see at a glance in the event book grid. Now when someone asks you what is happening on a specific day you will have the answer at your fingertips.


Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 2.21.47 PM


Use them to quickly find available space. Many of your space requests will frequently be very similar. For instance, maybe you get a lot of requests for meeting space or special event space. If you are dealing with a long list of rooms, scrolling through the list to look at your meeting room availability can be tedious and time consuming. You could use Mazévo room types to shrink the list but sometimes that isn't the answer either.  Creating a tag for your meeting rooms will help you get just the information you need.

Create a custom calendar view. Being able to see a monthly calendar for specific spaces can help you with staffing needs and planning. Tagging only the spaces that are important for your planning needs can save you time searching through long lists of events to get the information you need.

These are just 3 examples how you can use room tags starting right now. Do you have other uses for room tags? Let us know in the comments below.


Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.