A Quicker Way to Look Up Events in Mazévo

7 October, 2020

When we started Mazévo, we wanted to create a scheduling platform that was powerful and easy to use. We also know that every software vendor says that their system is easy to use. But that doesn't say much if it is only easy after you have spent weeks training and learning how to use the system. We wanted to take a different approach. These days many event planners already use some scheduling system. They know how to schedule events and the essential details that they need to track. They probably also already have a scheduling system that they know like the back of their hand.

A Modern Approach

The question we asked ourselves was, "what if we made a more modern system that system that they could easily switch to and begin using without a lot of training and time getting up to speed?" "What if it was like an app on your phone?" More than likely, you didn't sit through training classes on how to use email or Facebook; you just started using them. That is the experience we wanted to create.

Fast forward to about a year later, and we are starting to see the payoff for this effort. A recent example was when we looked at the methods to find events scheduled in Mazévo. There are three ways to look up your activities in Mazévo - on a monthly calendar, in a grid (Event Book) or in a list. Each technique has its advantages, and everyone has their favorite method.

Streamlining Find Events

We discovered that our Find Events tool, which allows you to search for any event in the system and display the results in a list, wasn't being as heavily utilized as we thought it would be. We found that it took too many clicks and was difficult, especially for new Mazévo users who just wanted to see what they were looking for quickly. This is because there were too many rarely used options in Find Events.

Here is what the page looked like before our recent change:

mazevo find events all search filters

Here is what it looked like after it was simplified:

mazevo find events limited search filters 3

By moving to a more straightforward design, we eliminated many unnecessary mouse clicks to get to the events you are looking for. Now instead of trying to find your search criteria in a list of ten filters, you are presented with a list of the four most common options. You also no longer need to type out a date range and instead choose from a drop down list of when you would like to search.

find events time frame selectionClicking one of the options will immediately show you a list of events in that time frame.

There will be times when searching that you may not be sure of the time frame. You can now scroll forward or backward directly from the results panel without navigating back to the filters and performing another search.

find events date scroll

This new way of finding events not only makes it faster to find what you are looking for, but it is also just more straightforward. No more having to look through a long list of search criteria to find what you want.

We know that some people have grown used to the long list of Mazévo search filters, and given their search needs, it may often be easier to use the standard filters. If that is the case for you, Mazévo will remember your preferred search method and show that to you first when you are looking for events.

What do you think of the new search method? Drop us a line or let us know in the comments below.

Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.