An Easier Way to Control How Rooms and Resources are Scheduled

6 May, 2020

Does this sound like your organization?

  • Lots of meeting and event space to manage.
  • Internal groups primarily use space for no charge with possibly some outside rentals.
  • Rooms are in high demand. In fact, there is more demand than space during peak hours.

If this is the case for you, then you know that making sure that a small handful of groups does not dominate the use of your rooms can be challenging. Many organizations will create a policy for when different types of groups can use rooms. This policy may state who can use rooms at specific times and for how long. While a system like this helps to make it clear what is allowed, enforcing such a policy can be a challenge for a high volume operation without the proper tools.

Controlling What People Are Allowed to Request

Mazévo's advanced user security allows you to implement and administer your room usage policies without a cumbersome review process. Configuring your security policies in Mazévo automatically limits where and when someone can request before the request is even submitted.

Here are some ways you can limit the request

  • Limit how far into the future someone can request specific rooms. This limit can be different for different groups of users and by the facility that's asked for.
  • Limit how much notice someone needs to make a request—for example, no requests for large venues with less than 2 weeks' notice.
  • Limit requests by the time of day for specific rooms, i.e., conference rooms, can only be used by students after 5:00 PM.
  • Limit the number of bookings a user can submit with a request.
  • Limit how long they can request a room. For instance, you could limit requests to only being 2 hours in duration for specific facilities.

You can also allow some rooms to be automatically approved when requested as long as the room is available.

Simplify Requests with Advanced Security

Mazévo's Advanced security makes the scheduling process more transparent and more straightforward to understand for your end-users. In some scheduling systems, the requester must specify upfront what they are looking to schedule before they can enter a date or time. With Mazévo, they only indicate the time of the room request, and they will see rooms they are allowed to book.

For requesters not familiar with your scheduling policies, they can review them when they are making the request. Having your rules available in the scheduling system reduces confusion and eliminate calls to your staff about why a room can't be booked.

Mazévo's advanced security will also make things easier for your staff who process the requests. No more having to review each submission to ensure that it complies with your policies around using the space.

Next Steps

Current Mazévo customers can take advantage of Advanced Security by contacting us to get this option enabled for your account. Once set, we can help you get it configured for your organization.

Additional questions? Let's talk. Click here to contact us and learn more. 

Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.