Reports on Demand: Ensure Your Staff Has the Event Information They Need

6 November, 2019

"Be right there!" Sally yelled to the team she saw heading down the hall.

Sally was late again the the event services meeting. She just had to get one more email sent and then she could go to the meeting.

"Augh! Why does running these setup reports have to be so time consuming!" thought Sally.

Sally was pulling up her scheduling system for what felt like the 100th time today to run the report the custodians used to setup the room. Once she generated the report she then had to send it off to the custodial supervisor who would then print and distribute to his team.

Finally Sally pressed the send button, gathered up her laptop and hustled down the hall to the meeting she was late for.

Can you related to Sally's situation?

For many in event services, making sure that everyone gets the information they need is never ending. This is why Mazévo now includes "published reports".

With published reports you can setup the reports your services staff needs then make that report available to the custodians so they can run it whenever they need from wherever they are. No matter when they run it, the report will always include the latest information no matter when they run it.

No more wondering if they got the latest information.

How it Works

First you decide what information should be displayed on the report. Is this a daily report or a report that is run for the week? Then you will choose the service providers you want to run the report for.

Daily Operations Report Configuration 2


Next, publish the report. This will make it available to others on the team to run when they need.

List of published reports


Now your event services staff can run this report anytime that they need the latest information.


Daily Ops Report

By using published reports your staff will always have access to hard copy reports, with the latest information. They can also access this same information directly from their phone or tablet using Mazévo Mobile. With Mazevo Mobile there is no need to print the report as they can access the same information from their phone. Either way, you will know that everyone has access to what they need when they need it.


Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.