December 11, 2019

How Mazévo is Creating a Cloud Native Platform for your Scheduling Success


Here at Mazévo, the rest of the team and I have been very busy over the last few months introducing tons of new features. We love showing off our latest improvements like event billing or the Mazévo mobile app.

While new features are great we also know that it is the value that those features deliver that is most important to our customers. Things like reducing workload, keeping everyone on the same page with upcoming events, and ensuring your setup crews and catering staff have all the information they need to deliver great service.

Today I want to highlight some of the other initiatives that we have been working on that are not really features but allow Mazévo to deliver on the value it promises for our all our customers.

Cloud Native Platform Expansion

Mazévo is built using the latest cloud technology from Microsoft using the Azure Cloud Platform. As more organizations begin to use Mazévo, the ability to scale up quickly and efficiently to accommodate an additional workload becomes more important. This is what the Azure platform provides. Recently we expanded our back-end infrastructure from a single Azure region on the west coast of the US to a second on the east coast.

This expansion allows us to move Mazévo data closer to where our customers are. This means the data doesn't have to travel as far from the server to where it is being used at our customer site improving speed and performance.

User Analytics

Back when we used to make client server software software we actually sent out software on a physical disk before the internet allowed people to download on their own server . That seems like ancient times now! But I digress. Back then we had no way of knowing if all these features we worked so hard on actually had any positive impact on our customers.

Now with the impact of cloud technology we can actually see which features in Mazévo are being used and how often. In addition, we can see where users may be having trouble in the system before they call and tell us. We recently finished implementing tools from Microsoft and Pendo into Mazévo to provide this information.

In addition to collecting data about how Mazévo is helping customers, Pendo provides tools to help new users get started with Mazévo by providing guidance while using the system. We are excited by the possibilities this gives us to create a better experience for all our customers.

Automated Testing

Making high quality software is at the core of what we do. Not only must the Mazévo provide value to our customers it must do that reliably over time. That is where product testing comes in. Good testing ensures that Mazévo is operating as expected and minimizes any defects. (Otherwise known as bugs! 🐜🦟).

We recently implemented an automated testing system to help us ensure everything is working as expected before we release an update. With automated testing we are able to be more efficient at how we test which means that we can deliver software on time with less bugs. Automated testing is not a replacement for human testing which is still necessary but it does allow us to improve the effectiveness and coverage of our testing efforts.

Product Update Page

Last month we announced our new product update page. This is how we communicate new features, improvements and fixes to our customers. Having an easily accessible product update page is in keeping with one of our core values, transparency, and making sure that everyone is aware of what is changes are happening with Mazévo. When you visit the Mazévo update page be sure to subscribe to be emailed with news of new releases.


Making sure that you receive all the benefit that Mazévo has to offer has always been a top priority. Good product documentation is one of the tools that allows that to happen. Mazévo's knowledge base is where you can find the information you need now to get the most out of your Mazévo system.

To improve the helpfulness of the knowledge base we recently doubled the number of articles available and are adding more every week. Of course, if you need help with your Mazévo system and you would rather talk to a live person please call or email us to talk to a helpful team member.


Last but not least we embarked on improving the accessibility of Mazévo to those with disabilities. We want everyone who interacts with Mazévo to have a great experience not just those lucky enough to be living without disability. We just performed an audit of the Mazévo platform and completed the Mazévo VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template). While we were pleased to see that much of what we have is already accessible we realize there is still a lot of work to be done to make the product more accessible.

Contact us today to learn more about these initiatives to to see Mazévo in action.

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