Introducing the Mazévo Digital Room Sign

8 August, 2019

Meeting Signs - Another Way to Provide Great Customer Service

It wasn't so long ago that that meeting room signs were a pretty boring topic. There just wasn't much to talk about. Just a sign on the wall next to the meeting room door. All that changed with the invention of digital room signage. Now room signs are can be updated automatically with the events taking place in the room for the day. Add the ability to book the room right from the sign and you can now offer a whole new level of customer service right at the door to your meeting rooms.

Why Mazévo Digital Room Signs?

While there are many vendors that offer digital interactive room signs, many of these solutions get expensive when you factor the cost of hardware and integrating them into your existing scheduling system. In addition, the ability to control access to who can book the room from the sign can be limited or non-existent for many of these third-party solutions. This is why we created the Mazévo Digital Room Sign for use with our Mazévo software.

Digital Meeting Room Display Availability Grid

The Mazévo Digital Room Sign can run on any tablet device running Android or iOS. With some tablets starting at less than $100, you are in control of how much to budget for hardware. In addition, the Mazévo Digital Room Sign is fully integrated into your Mazévo system. This means that the room's events will automatically display and the room can be booked right at the device.

How to Use the Digital Room Sign App

Mount the Sign

Before installing the room sign app on your tablet, you will want to decide how you will deliver power to your tablet and mount to the wall. There are many tablet mounting and power options available that are outside the scope of this article.

Download the App

To use the room sign, first download the Mazévo Digital Room Sign app from the Android or iOS app store.

Register the Room Sign

Once the app is installed, open the app and register the sign to the room you have configured in the Mazévo software. Once that is completed you will want to lock the tablet to only show the room sign app. This will prevent someone from interfering with the app on the tablet. At this point the rooms events will begin to display on the tablet.

Book the Room

To book a space, someone can walk up to the sign and press "Book Now". They will need their phone running the Mazévo Mobile app to identify and authenticate themselves to the room sign. Once they press the Book Now button a QR code will display. This code can be scanned with the Mazévo Mobile App.

Once the user has scanned the QR code they can complete the booking for the room on their phone by entering the meeting name and duration. Since the booking is completed on the user's phone there is no need to enter contact information or worry about if they have access to book the room. This is already taken care of in the phone app. 

See It for Yourself

Mazévo room signs are a flexible, low cost, fully integrated solution allowing you to provide better customer service by displaying information where your customers need it. Request a demonstration to see it for yourself.

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Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.