Introducing Mazévo Essentials - A New Approach to Room and Resource Scheduling

5 June, 2019

What are the challenges you face in scheduling your rooms and resources effectively? If your operation is like most, the list is long and growing!

  • Space is a finite resource. Unless your school is continually building new facilities, you’ve got to figure out how to accommodate more events each year in the same space.
  • Staffing is tight. You’re continually being asked to provide stellar service with a small team.
  • It’s hard to get IT assistance. Like scheduling departments, IT departments tend to be understaffed and overworked. Consequently, getting their help with installing or updating scheduling software, or resolving technical issues, can be difficult.
  • Existing systems are built on decades-old frameworks. While the demands on scheduling teams have changed, the systems they rely on really haven’t in any fundamental way. And tacking more features on to an outdated core only makes these systems more cumbersome to use and maintain.

Help Has Arrived! Mazevo Essentials is Next-Generation Room Scheduling.

With more than a century of combined experience in designing and developing room and resource scheduling software, our team understands the industry. And when we saw that existing scheduling tools weren’t keeping pace with the evolving needs of schedulers – despite the availability of new technology – we decided to take action.

Mazevo Essentials is the first of what will be a suite of products offering next-generation room and resource management capabilities. The system addresses basic scheduling challenges for smaller scheduling operations that have limited staff. Mazevo Essentials:

Streamlines workflows and makes managing events easier

  • Automatically find available space with no double bookings
  • Schedule repeating events in a single step
  • Quickly update or change existing events
  • Accept space requests from mobile devices

Optimizes space utilization

  • Use search tools to find the right spot for every event
  • Quickly see what’s booked and available with an intuitive grid view
  • Move and modify events with just a few clicks

Provides anytime, anywhere access

  • Access from phone, tablet, or computer
  • Enable requesters to get up-to-date info even after hours

Keeps everyone on the same page

  • Communicate schedule changes automatically
  • Enable service providers to access all setup details on their mobile device
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for paper reports
  • Message customers and schedulers through the mobile app

Empowers departments and users to get up and running quickly

  • Begin scheduling immediately with no software to install or maintain
  • Enable new users to contribute right away with no training required
  • Get helpful support if you ever need it
  • Be productive faster by importing your existing data*

Leverages the latest technology

  • Capitalize on best-in-class, web-native architecture
  • Benefit from 100 years combined industry experience and insight
  • Enjoy exceptional speed, reliability, security, and scalability

The Team Behind the Product

The group that developed Mazevo Essentials, and that will be expanding the product line in the months ahead, brings extensive room and resource management experience to the table. We’re the scheduling industry innovators who created the EMS product line more than 20 years ago. The company was ultimately acquired, but we never lost our interest in helping schedulers work more efficiently and effectively

Today, new technology like cloud platforms have enabled us to take event scheduling to the next level. Like EMS Lite so long ago, Mazevo Essentials is the first in what will be a full suite of powerful scheduling solutions built from the ground up to simplify room and resource management, and to enable schedulers, service providers, and requesters to share information in real time.

Plus, while technological and customer-side resource challenges meant support for EMS Lite eventually had to be discontinued, cloud-based Mazevo Essentials will face no such issues.

With Essentials, you can be operational and making reservations in a matter of hours. And new staff members can be taking on tasks and lightening their teammates’ workload from Day 1.

Experience the Evolution of Room and Resource Scheduling

What does this revolutionary product look like? And how can it help you solve your scheduling challenges? The best way to find out is to see it in action. Learn more about Mazevo Essentials by calling 1-800-254-7615 or emailing to schedule a personalized, no-obligation, online demonstration.

 * Some restrictions and technical limitations apply


Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.