Mazévo Messaging - Reach Your Customers Where They Are, On Their Phones

9 October, 2019

The request seemed normal enough. It was from a group of students who wanted to meet to plan their group fundraiser. Upon closer inspection however the request left the scheduler with many questions.

For most schedulers this happens more often than they would like to admit. Receiving the request starts an involved process of follow up, back and forth over email and phone to hammer out all the details of the event.

While the follow up process can be time consuming it is relatively straight forward for a single event coordinator. When there are multiple event coordinators involved, making sure that the team is aware of the details in those emails and phone calls is even more challenging.

What if there was another way that could accelerate the follow up with your facility users while providing transparency to others on the team about the needed details?

Introducing Mazévo Messaging

Mazévo Messaging allows an event coordinator to send a message or question directly to the event contact's smart phone where they can reply. All this communication is stored as part of the event record so other event coordinators can access as well.

The event contact can also initiate a conversation by entering their question directly into the Mazévo app. This will alert an event coordinator who can then respond appropriately.

How it Works

Messaging is included with Mazévo. To get started, your users, those who are requesting space from you, will need to download the Mazévo app from their Apple or Android store. They will also need to have a Mazévo user account with the View My Events role enabled.

To Send a Message

The event requestor opens the Mazévo app on their phone and taps one of their events to get to the messaging tab. They can then enter their message.


event message from phone


On the back end the event planner will be alerted that there is a new conversation awaiting a response. They can respond by going to the conversation tab on the event.


event message from event coordinator


The event requestor will be alerted to the response by a notification on their phone and within in the app.

Predefined Questions

As an event coordinator, you may find yourself asking the same questions over and over again about events. Rather than entering the question as a new message every single time, you can save these common questions along with their responses for later use. These questions will be sent to the requestors phone for response.

saved event questionsA list of saved questions


saved questions with predefined answersPredefined responses


Phone with question from event coordinator

With Mazévo messaging all of these conversations are stored right with the event so your team is always kept in sync with the latest information.

We think messaging is going to be a game changer for busy event coordinators. Leave us a comment to let us know what you think.




Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.