Mazévo Onboarding: Get Set Up for Success

19 August, 2020

Think back to your first day on the job whether it was two months or 20 years ago, more than likely you remember being a little nervous and wanting to make a good first impression. Your employer was probably a little nervous as well, pondering if they made the right choice. In many ways, these feelings are similar when you are implementing a new scheduling software system. You are probably thinking, "did I make a good decision? Was this a good investment?" Likewise, at Mazévo, we feel a little nervous and wonder, "will they get the results they want quick enough?" And "did we miss anything?"

Those are common reactions to any big decision and why you don't leave things to chance when it comes to getting off to a good start. Here are 7 ways we ensure every new customer is set up for success.

The Onboarding Process Begins Before Becoming a Customer

During the sales process, we need to understand what you are trying to achieve. We listen to your goals and create a clear picture of exactly how Mazévo will help you get there. We also don't want you to take our word for it; we want to prove it and show you. As part of that proof, one or more software demos occur where we take you through real usage scenarios. I know what you are thinking, "An expert running the demo can make it look so easy." Fair enough. There is nothing like actually getting your own hands on the software. We also set you up with a sandbox to try the system out and see for yourself how easy it is before you make any decisions. This process will help you make the right decision and give you real-world experience with Mazévo before the onboarding process begins.

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When it Comes to Onboarding One Size Does Not Fit All

Our entire approach to onboarding focuses on the people who will be using our software. Every person and every organization is different. Focusing on people first helps us attend to each client's unique needs. We do this by acknowledging fears, concerns, and questions as they arise and not forcing you to follow some cookie-cutter implementation plan.

Onboarding Will Proceed at The Pace You Need

No one wants to have things drag on longer than they need to. We believe it is essential that you begin to get value from Mazévo as soon as possible. The onboarding process will speed up or slow down as needed to get the most from the system. At the beginning of the engagement, we will decide on a communication schedule that will work best for you so that everyone stays in sync. You choose how often you wish to hear from us and how. 

Create the Right Mazévo Configuration for Your Needs

Configuring the system to meet your goals starts by gathering all the needed information. Depending on the system or process you used previously, we may be able to convert the data into Mazévo, minimizing the need to enter data manually. If we convert your data, not only does your data come across, but all the relationships are maintained, keeping your events and reservations come over complete and intact.


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Respect Your Time

We know that your time is precious, so we will not waste it by creating unnecessary work or processes that don't help you achieve your goals. All of our onboarding is done 100% remotely in short 1-2 hour sessions on your schedule. Typically we meet for a single onboarding session once per week, but you may schedule as often as necessary depending on your goals.

Focus on Quick Successes

The onboarding process is a journey, and we want to begin to see the value of Mazévo as soon as possible. For some customers, this comes from looking critically at their existing processes for a better way to do things. For others, it is adding their first event to the system. What is a success for you will depend on your goals and where you want to go.

Provide Support Throughout the Onboarding Process

A culture of customer service is at the heart of Mazévo, and the onboarding process reflects that. Onboarding is a partnership, and we are there with you each step of the way. If something unforeseen happens, you can reach us as quickly without having to jump through hoops. We are always a phone call or email away when you need help. We also provide a library of helpful articles in our knowledge base to supply the information you need when you need it.

By focusing on each of these items, you will be off to the best start possible with your new room scheduling software.

Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.