Mazévo Scheduling Software: A Look at What’s Ahead

26 June, 2019

It’s been said that if you don’t have a destination in mind, any path will get you there. And while that may be a great approach for curious travelers with plenty of time on their hands, it’s not ideal for software companies and their customers. That’s why at Mazévo, we’re following a well-defined roadmap from where we are today (having recently released our entry-level room and resource scheduling system) to where we intend to be in 2020 (releasing our enterprise-level product on the heels of our premium product).

What’s Driving Us?

When we founded Mazévo, we did so with a clear vision in mind: to create the simplest and most powerful facility scheduling tools and set the standard for great customer support. What was the driver behind this lofty goal? Two things. The first is our decades-long commitment to giving scheduling and resource management professionals the tools they need to succeed.

The second is an observation. The demands placed on schedulers and their teams continue to grow, and while advances in technology should be helping them meet those demands, the fact is that existing scheduling solutions simply aren’t. The clunky features that are being bolted on to 25-year-old chassis are not improving them. In fact, they’re making already complex and confusing systems even more so. As we considered this dilemma, we knew that leading-edge technology could be leveraged to produce scheduling simplicity.

Who are We Doing This For?

Our product line is designed for teams that face the toughest scheduling challenges. Their space is in high demand, their events often involve services like catering or A/V, and just to add to the degree of difficulty, there are often multiple approvals that must be received before an event can take place!

These seasoned pros know that the ability to communicate efficiently with customers from within our products is a game-changer and just one of many innovative features that will help them manage resource needs, coordinate approvals, and handle last-minute setup changes effectively. We want to help people work smarter, not harder, as they look for the best way to address their growing volumes of meetings, events, and classes.

What’s This Roadmap Look Like?

How are we going to get from here to there? We’re glad you asked! The path forward looks like this:

Mazévo Essentials – Released June 2019

Mazévo Essentials is designed for the person in an organization who maintains the facilities schedule and just wants a simple tool to eliminate scheduling conflicts, take room requests, and keep track of event setup information. Essentials provides basic features on an advanced, web-based platform.

Mazévo Premium – Planned release: late summer 2019

Mazévo Premium will meet the needs of departments within an organization that are dedicated to managing events. Premium’s feature set will include everything necessary to schedule a large number of spaces with complex event needs. It will allow service providers like facilities, A/V, and catering to stay on top of events from inquiry to invoice. Premium will eliminate the need for manual data entry of events and classes with easy to use request forms and automated class import tools.

Mazévo Enterprise – Planned release: Q1 2020

Mazévo Enterprise is designed for large organizations with multiple departments that schedule and manage space. Specifically, it will be the ideal solution for organizations that want a single unified system for all facility usage, while allowing each department to manage and grant access to its facilities independently. Enterprise will include everything necessary to automate the scheduling of classrooms and events.

Ready to Partner with a Company Taking Scheduling in a New Direction?

Mazévo Essentials is getting rave reviews and Premium will be available soon. Is it time to say goodbye to outdated technology and hello to next generation scheduling software? See how we can help.

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Dean Evans

Dean Evans is the Founder and CEO of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event scheduling software.