New Feature: The Mazévo Activity Log

4 December, 2019

There is nothing worse than being the last to know about important changes to upcoming events. This is especially true for events in the near future. Not responding to important changes is a recipe for event disaster.

With the new activity log in Mazévo you now have a way to stay up to date on your teams activity and all changes affecting your upcoming events.

Activity Log 1


The activity log will show all bookings and services (such as furniture or equipment) that have been added or changed. By clicking on the events information icon you can see what was changed, added or deleted.


Activity Log 2

The items in orange have been changed. By hovering over them with your mouse you will see details about the change including who made the change. Note how even items that have been deleted are shown with a strike-through.

With the Mazévo activity log you will never again be left in the dark about important changes.


Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.