Mazévo Announces New Request Process for Desktop and Mobile Users

18 December, 2019

You have spent the time, energy and political capital putting the systems and processes in place so that your users can make requests online and free up tons of valuable time for you and your staff.

There is only one problem. You are just as busy as ever. People still call, email or stop by your office to make their room requests. Some are making their requests online but adoption is far from where you hoped it would be by now. People find the existing request process complicated and cumbersome. It is easier to just call someone else to do it.

Sound familiar?

Introducing Mazévo Event Requests

With Mazévo Requests your users will have a simple request process that asks them for just the information that is relevant to their event. They can request the space they need for their events along with resources, services and related detail.

The new process is easy for novice and experienced users alike and available from wherever they are, on their computer or mobile device. With Mazévo's new request process you can ensure that you receive all the event information you need up front without having to go back and ask for it later. You can also keep the request form from growing too long by having it only prompt for information that is relevant to their request.

How it works

You start by deciding what resources and services people can request from you electronically. This is accomplished by using the new "requestable" flag for your services. The requestable flag allows you to selectively expose only specific items to your users. Providing too big a list of resources is often overwhelming especially to users who have limited experience scheduling events.


Requestable Resources in Mazevo


You can also decide which questions you want to ask as part of the request process. These questions can be asked for every request or only with specific locations or resources. This allows you to be selective about when you ask specific questions. For instance, if someone requests one of your large rooms you may want to ask if there will be external guests or if they are going to need registration tables. If they are just requesting a small meeting room the user will not be prompted to provide this information.

By allowing you to be selective about when you ask specific questions, it will help keep your request form shorter and make it easier for your requesters to complete.

This is what is looks like from the requester's point of view on a mobile device


Select Service Providers

Selecting services including room setup configuration.


Select Resources for Booking

Selecting specific resources


Answer Questions for Event from Mobile

Questions can gather either a text response or the user can select from a list of predefined responses.

Learn More

The simplicity of Mazévo Event Requests will provide a better experience for the users of your space and your staff alike and help you gain back your valuable time. Keep your eyes open for some videos on how this process works. In the meantime contact us if you would like to setup a personalized demonstration.


Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.