The Year in Review: Mazévo Highlights From 2021

17 January, 2022

If there’s one word that best sums up 2021 for our company and our customers it’s this: Momentum. While 2021 was another challenging year thanks to the pandemic and the ongoing, ever-evolving measures used to address it, it was also one where we all started moving—if somewhat tentatively—forward. And that felt great!

We saw this movement in many areas. For example, we were thrilled to welcome more than 30 new organizations to the Mazévo family! And by all accounts, they have been thrilled with everything from how easy it is to get up and running in our meeting and event scheduling solution to the powerful-yet-intuitive features it offers.

We also saw a 1,400% increase in active Mazévo users between January and September 2021. Yes, 1,400%! That can be attributed both to adding new customers and the reopening of facilities as organizations became more confident in their ability to host in-person events safely.

And we believe it’s also related to the ongoing enhancements we make to Mazévo and how that’s very attractive to organizations that are stuck on “dead-end” systems.

Mazévo Product Milestones

With some scheduling systems, the phrase “new release” can send shivers down the spine of everyone from IT to end users. Not so with Mazévo.

When using a cloud-native, entirely web-based solution, you get updates automatically, with no on-premises software to install or maintain. You simply log in when you start your workday, and new features are there, ready for you to use them.

We provided 22 Mazévo product releases in 2021. Virtually every area of the system was enhanced. That included new and/or improved functionality in the Event Book, Event Calendar, Mazévo Mobile app, and more.

And we helped organizations go a little “greener,” too. Making it even easier for users to find the event information they need enabled several organizations to transition away from printing paper reports. Today, they rely exclusively on the Mazévo Mobile app to communicate setup details to their operations teams!

Key Hires in 2021

 Providing attentive service to Mazévo customers is at the core of who we are as a company. To ensure we can continue to do that as our customer base grows, we made some key hires last year.

  • Wendy Newlon. Wendy is a scheduling industry veteran whose Mazévo mastery and general business expertise make her the perfect person to provide onboarding assistance and support to our customers.
  • Claire Degroot. Another industry veteran, Claire is the first person many of our prospective customers communicate with. She leads the way in handling new inquiries and coordinating product demonstrations.

Our customers and prospective customers truly could not be in better hands! 

Partnering With Other Providers… And With You!

Our mission is to help customers manage their scheduling operations as efficiently and effectively as possible. Part of that is keeping meeting and event spaces comfortable while also keeping heating and cooling costs down.

To that end, in 2021 we partnered with a company called Events2HVAC to automate climate control in meeting and event spaces. One large school system in Oregon is using a Mazévo/Events2HVAC integration to save thousands of dollars annually!

We also consider our relationship with our customers to be a partnership. Your input on potential new features and feedback on existing ones, combined with our experience in developing and supporting powerful, easy-to-use functionality, continues to drive the evolution of our industry-leading scheduling solution.

To promote even more sharing of ideas, last year we launched our Mazévo Connect live webinar series. And the response has been fantastic. More than 130 people attended the first three sessions:

Looking Ahead…

What’s on tap for 2022? Much more of the same!

We’ll continue to enhance the functionality of the most-used Mazévo tools like the Event Editor, Event Book, and Find Events features. And to keep the conversation going on why and how customers use those and other features, we’ll be continuing the Mazévo Connect series, with more insights from our customers and our product experts.

For higher ed specifically, our developers will be hard at work on new functionality for the Academic Scheduling Optimizer, improved capabilities for integrating with student information systems, and much more.

So, we’re excited about 2022 and we hope you are, as well!

Have questions about Mazévo? We’ve got answers. Contact us anytime!

Dean Evans

Dean Evans is the Founder and CEO of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event scheduling software.