Use Mazévo Approvals to Streamline Event Reviews

12 March, 2020

Have you ever felt like you dropped the ball on one of your important events? You were wrapped up in so many details and your other day to day responsibilities that something important slipped through the cracks and either the client ended up being unhappy or you and your staff had to work twice as hard to cover for the mistake.

No fun.

The whole experience probably left you feeling drained and discouraged. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Using workflow automation in your scheduling system will ensure all the event details are being managed so you can stay calm and collected while keeping your staff happy and providing a great experience for your customers.

With the introduction of approval workflows in Mazévo, any new event will automatically be routed to the appropriate people to review and approve the event or services. Your event coordinator will also have visibility into the entire process where they can see what has been approved and what is still pending.

This guarantees that the right people are always informed about events, that approvals are provided in a timely manner, and you have a complete record of the entire process.

How Mazévo Approvals Work

Mazévo works with two levels of approval. The first level are those who approve the various aspects or pieces of the event. These include your AV and catering orders or specific types of events. The second level are those who ultimately confirm the event after all the first level approvers have had a chance to review. This second level of approver is often your event coordinator or event manager and they are also the one who will be in charge of communicating back to the customer when their event has been confirmed or denied.

Implementing your approval process in Mazévo involves 3 steps

1. Decide on the Approvals You Will Need

This involves determining which events require approvals and who should approve. You can create many kinds of approvals. Examples include:

  • Approvals for a specific service or resources
  • Approvals for use of specific spaces
  • Approvals for events over a specified attendance
  • Approvals for specific types of events

As part of this step you will also indicate who should be able to provide the approvals. You can designate more than one individual to provide the approval if necessary.

2. Create the Approval Rules

The information above is used to create the rules.

mazevo event approval rules

During this step you can also decide if an event coordinator should review the event before approvals are sent to the first level approvers.  This can be useful for catching any obvious errors or oversights on requests that have been submitted before the event is sent to others for review.

3. Monitor The Approval Process

An event coordinator can view any requests that have been submitted and where they are in the approval process. With this information they can stay on top of which events are ready for final approval.

mazevo request queue with approvals

They can also see which approvals are still outstanding. This allows them to monitor how long an approval has been pending and follow up if necessary.

mazevo outstanding approvals


Next Steps

With Mazévo approvals you can now automate and manage your entire approval process without lengthy email chains and paperwork. Don't let any more event details fall through the cracks. Approvals are available to existing Mazévo customers today.

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Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.