VIDEO - Use Mazévo Room Setups to Get the Right Event Setup Every Time

23 January, 2020

As any event planner knows, a room's seating arrangement can make or break the success of an event. 

Imagine planning a nice dinner and the room is set with rows of chairs with no tables. Unless you enjoy watching attendees struggle awkwardly balancing plates of food on their lap while not trying to spill their drinks this is a recipe for disaster.

Other problems can arise when you are trying to figure out which rooms would be best to hold an event in. The way seating in a room is arranged will impact on how many people a room can hold. Holding an event in a room that is too large or too small can lead to complaints and disappointed guests.

With a room's seating and size being a critical factor to the success of any event, your scheduling system should quickly and easily make sure the right room is scheduled with the right seating style.

Introducing Mazévo Room Setups

With Mazévo Room Setups you can:

  • Indicate the maximum capacity of a room for different setup configurations (i.e. hollow square vs. rounds of 6)
  • Automatically find and quickly schedule rooms of the right size for your events
  • Communicate seating styles with a visual diagram and description to those making room requests
  • See the event's seating style at a glance with a visual icon

Mazévo room setups will eliminate the need to spend time looking up how many people a room will hold for a specific seating arrangement. The system will automatically display that for you.

For those who are making requests through Mazévo they simply indicate when and where they want to hold an event and for how many people. Mazévo will then display the room setup configurations that are appropriate for that space and size of event. A requestor can even read a description of the seating configuration to determine what types of events it is best for.

For more information on when to use specific types of room setups see: 8 Common Room Setups and When to Use Them for Your Events


How it Works

See how Mazévo Room Setups allows an event planner to quickly find a room with the appropriate seating and size for an event.

Configuring Mazévo Room Setups

To use Room Setups you will need to enter all your room setup names (i.e. Hollow Square, Theater, Classroom, Rounds of 8 etc.) You will also select a setup icon and enter a description. The description will display to those who are making a request from the web or mobile device.


mazevo room setup settings pageRoom Setups


Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 4.07.54 PM

Room Capacities

Room Setups for Requesters

If you allow staff, students or members to request space through Mazévo, Room Setups will help them in choosing the best room and setup for their event.

To use room setup styles you start by entering your dates, times and expected attendance for an event. Once you select a room you will be prompted to select a seating style for that room. You will only be shown seating styles that the room can accommodate. 

mazevo end user seating styles and descriptionsThis is what a requester sees once they select a room. They can only see room seating styles that are available to that room.

Your setup staff can access Mazévo from their computer or mobile device and will also be able to see a summary of every event along with an icon to indicate how the room will be set.  They can also see all equipment, details and notes related to the event.


mazevo mobile daily ops view with room setups

Service providers can view setup icons from their mobile device

Mazévo Room Setups makes finding the right room for your event a breeze and these features are available now to all Mazévo customers. To access Room Setups just head to the settings page and click Room Setups to get started. If you are not a Mazévo customer yet and want to learn more schedule a demo today.


Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.