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12 April, 2019

Howdy neighbor!

Welcome to the Mazévo blog. This is where we share our passion for making great software for scheduling and managing events. We are particularly excited about the launch of this blog because it coincides with the launch of Mazévo. We hope you will be a regular visitor of our site and this blog.

I'm sure you are wondering what is up with the name Mazévo (Mah-zay-voe). We chose that name because it means gather in Greek and that is what ultimately our software helps people to do, gather for meetings, events, classes and activities of any kind.

This is a blog for those who manage the scheduling of events and activities for their organization or provide services for those activities and events such as catering, audio visual or facility services.

Here's what you can look forward to in the Mazévo blog.

On this blog we will share with you our passion and knowledge about making software products that make lives easier.

  • Best practices for scheduling facilities and keeping everyone (customers, service providers and schedulers) on the same page.
  • Trends in the industry
  • News and updates about the products we sell
  • Answers your questions about how to streamline your events operation

For information related to a specific product release, head over to our product update page to learn about new features, fixes and improvements to Mazévo.

How to engage with us and our blog

We invite you to respond, add comments, make suggestions and even disagree, and this should go without saying but this is the internet after-all, please keep any comments relevant to the conversation taking place and please be respectful. You can comment right on this blog or in one of our social media channels. If you have specific questions for us you can also contact us.

Thank you for reading, visiting and being part of this conversation.

Bryan Peck


Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.