Event Workflow &
Approval Software

Automate your event approval process and eliminate email back-and-forth so nothing falls through the cracks.  



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Stay on top of all the events requiring someone else's approval so nothing is forgotten

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Avoid delays and bottlenecks receiving event approval

If your events require approval of other departments or service providers, Mazévo has all the tools you need to manage the process efficiently and effectively.   

Review all events for completeness and accuracy before sending on for approval  

Organize your workflow to see approval status at a glance and quickly know which events require attention. 

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Put approvals on autopilot with Mazévo’s built-in approval notifications

Save time processing requests with Mazévo's approval workflows. Create specific rules for event approvals based on your unique business process and have requests automatically routed to the appropriate individual. 

Send an event to multiple approvers with a single button click.  

Receive approval in real-time for your events 

Approve or decline events from the desktop or mobile device.  

Additional Resources

Check out our blog for more information about the Mazévo event workflow and approval software.


Switching is Easy!

You can be up in running with Mazévo in a matter of days not weeks or months. With personalized onboarding services you can hit the ground running and start seeing value right away. Ask us about our data migration services if you are currently using another scheduling system.

All-in-One Room Scheduling and Event Management Software

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Facility Scheduling

Schedule all the rooms in a single building or across an entire campus without ever double booking

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Online Requests

Eliminate mistakes and manual data entry by taking detailed event requests for your space and resources.

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Publicize what you have happening to everyone inside or outside of your organization with detailed event calendars.

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Save time and eliminate bottlenecks approving events with automated approval workflows.

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Connect directly with your customers and other event planners with built-in messaging tools.

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A powerful, easy to use interface that is fast and reliable. Accessible from your web browser or mobile device

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Billing & Invoicing

Make sure all your revenue is accounted for with detailed event confirmations, quotes and invoices.

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Share detailed event information with your operations staff or dig into facility usage metrics to make better business decisions with clear out-of-the-box reporting.