Event Messaging &
Communication Tools

Connect with your customers and staff without ever leaving Mazévo. Send text messages to your customers and staff and deliver real-time event updates.  




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Keep everyone on the same page with the latest event details and changes

event planner messaging with customer

Interact directly with your customers about important event details.

Let customers message you about their events without relying on email. 

Keeps all communication details in one place for your staff to access.  

Get notified instantly of new communication from your customers.  


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Never miss an important detail. Log staff communication within Mazévo.

Send and receive real-time messages with other event planners in Mazévo  

Stay informed with what your staff is up to. All Mazévo conversations are logged as part of event history.  

Reduce the time you spend looking through your email for event details and updates. All communication initiated in Mazévo is automatically tied to the event for easy access.  

iphone with mazevo ops highlighting changes

Have confidence that your operations team has the information they need to provide for successful events.

Instantly notify operations staff of last-minute changes. Any change to an event is immediately accessible to those setting up your events through the Mazévo Mobile App.  

Monitor your service workers progress and see which events are ready to go and which setups still need to be completed.  

Quickly respond to any maintenance issues your service providers encounter with the built-in work log. Service workers can enter detailed notes and photos right from their phone or tablet.   

Additional Resources

Check out our blog for more information about the Mazévo event messaging and communication tools.


Switching is Easy!

You can be up in running with Mazévo in a matter of days not weeks or months. With personalized onboarding services you can hit the ground running and start seeing value right away. Ask us about our data migration services if you are currently using another scheduling system.

All-in-One Room Scheduling and Event Management Software

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Facility Scheduling

Schedule all the rooms in a single building or across an entire campus without ever double booking

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Online Requests

Eliminate mistakes and manual data entry by taking detailed event requests for your space and resources.

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Publicize what you have happening to everyone inside or outside of your organization with detailed event calendars.

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Save time and eliminate bottlenecks approving events with automated approval workflows.

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Connect directly with your customers and other event planners with built-in messaging tools.

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A powerful, easy to use interface that is fast and reliable. Accessible from your web browser or mobile device

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Billing & Invoicing

Make sure all your revenue is accounted for with detailed event confirmations, quotes and invoices.

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Share detailed event information with your operations staff or dig into facility usage metrics to make better business decisions with clear out-of-the-box reporting.