How to Find an Event

Locate an event using one of multiple methods.


Being able to locate events quickly helps users be more efficient and provide better customer service. Mazévo offers three ways to do this:

  • Use the Open Event field/drop-down list located in the menu bar.
  • Use the Find Events tool found on the dashboard and in the menu under Events.
  • Use the Event Book found on the dashboard and in the menu under Events.
  • Use the Activity Log found under Events on the menu.
  • Use the Event Calendar found under Events on the menu.

Open Event

The Open Event field is located in the menu bar. It allows you to find an event based on its ID (which is displayed prominently on the confirmation that a customer receives) or quickly access the last five events that you accessed or created. 

To open an event using the Open Event feature:

  1. Type the event ID and press Enter.
  2. OR click the arrow to view the drop-down list and select an event

Find Event

Event Book

The Event Book displays a graphical representation of room usage for a given building and date. This allows you to scan the day’s events. Hovering over a bar displays more information about the event and provides access to additional options.

To open an event using the Event Book:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate day using the arrows or by clicking on the date displayed and the calendar icon, and selecting a new date from the calendar.
  2. Filter the display if appropriate by clicking Filters, selecting a building and/or a room type, and clicking Search
  3. On the grid display, double-click an event bar to open the event.
  4. OR hover over the bar, click the arrow, and select View, Open, or Open link in new tab.

Event Book


Find Events

Find Events is a powerful tool that lets you search for events with certain attributes. Types of searching you can perform include:

  • Find all events for today or for any date range.
  • Find all events in a specific building or buildings.
  • Find all events that have a specified status or statuses.
  • Find all events for a particular organization or organizations.
  • Find all events that have a specified event type or event types. 
  • Find all events that require a certain type of service or services. 

You can use any and all of the filters to narrow the list of events. For example, you could find all meetings (event type) for next month (date range) being held in the Student Center (building) that has catering (service provider).

To open an event using the Find Events function:

  1. Select Events > Find Events.
  2. Enter/select a date or date range, location (buildings, rooms or room tags), statuses, organizations, room types, event types, service providers, contact, event name, and VIP Events as appropriate.

    Find Events - Filters
  3. Click Search.
  4. Click an event name. Note that the list of events can be sorted by clicking any of the column headings. You can also type an event name or portion of the name in the Search for a Booking field to narrow the list. 
    Find Events - Results

Tips and Tricks for Find Events

1. You can sort the results of the grid by clicking on any column heading on the grid. You can sort the data in descending order by clicking the column heading a second time.  find events - sorting


2. You can filter the results by using the Search for a Booking filter at the top of the grid.  The grid will dynamically filter as you type, filtering for that value in any column in the grid.

Find Events - search for a booking

3. You can export the results of the grid by pressing the Export button.  The export can be in PDF or XLS format.

Find Events Export

4. You can group the results of the grid by any column by selecting Group By and then selecting the column. 

Find Event - Group by