How to Submit an Event Request From the Mazévo Mobile App

This article explains how to submit room and resource requests from the Mazévo Mobile app available for iOS and Android.


The Mazévo Mobile app lets you view requests you've submitted and submit new requests. (For detailed instructions on how to submit requests from the website, see How to Submit an Event Request From the Mazévo Website.)

Please note: In Mazévo, you only have access to the roles specified in your user permissions. If you can't log in or access the request role, ask your account administrator to edit your user permissions.

To submit a request through Mazévo Mobile:

Log In

  1. Log in to the Mazévo Mobile app.
  2. Under My Events, tap Add New Request.

Enter Event Information

mazevo mobile enter event information

  1. Type the event name.
  2. Select the organization. You'll only be able to see organizations that the Mazévo administrator has allowed you to make requests for.
  3. Type the number of people who will attend the event. This is required and will be used to show you rooms that can accommodate that number of people.
  4. Tap Next.

Enter the Date, Time, and Location of the Event

mazevo mobile enter date time and location

  1. Select the start date.
  2. Select the start time.
  3. Indicate the meeting duration.
  4. Indicate whether you want the meeting to repeat. If you select every week or every other week, you'll need to select the day of the week the meeting is to repeat on by tapping the calendar icon. mazevo mobile calendar icon
  5. Select the end date (if required).
  6. Tap one or more locations under Where.
  7. Tap Find Rooms.

Select an Available Room

mazevo mobile select rooms

Mazévo displays a list of rooms that are available on every date you selected at the requested time.

  1. Tap the circle next to the room name to select the room.
  2. Tap the room name if you want to see more information about the room (if available).
  3. Tap Next.

If a room you want to request is not displayed in the list or you receive a message saying "No rooms available," it will be for one of the following reasons:

  • The room is not available for one or more of the dates you selected.
  • The number of people you entered exceeds the capacity of the room.
  • The time that you selected exceeds the hours that the building is open.
  • One or more of the dates you selected falls on a holiday or date where the building is closed.
  • Your permissions do not give you access to request that room.

Select Services

mazevo mobile add services

  1. If no service providers are displayed after you've selected a room, that means none are available for your request. See Answer Questions below. You may also tap Skip to continue to the Answer Questions part of the process if no services are needed for your request.
  2. Tap the circle next to any service provider you wish to request.
  3. Enter the service or setup type and the number of people the service is for. You may not be prompted for a service type depending on your selection.
    mazevo add setup type

Add Resources

Mazevo mobile add resources

  1. Tap the circle next to any resources you wish to select.
  2. Enter a quantity.
  3. Add notes (optional).
  4. Tap Next.

Answer Questions

mazevo mobile request answer questions


  1. Respond to any questions that Mazévo displays. If no questions are listed, you can submit the request.
  2. Tap Submit


Once your request is submitted, you'll see it listed under My Events as Pending. You'll be notified by email once the request has been reviewed and approved or declined.