How to Use Conversations

Conversations are used to communicate with those making requests from the Mazévo mobile app.

With conversations a mobile user viewing their events can send a message to a Mazévo event planner about their event. The event planner can also send a message to the requester which are received in the Mazévo mobile app. 

To access conversations from the Mazévo mobile app:

  1. Go to My Events
  2. Tap one of the events in the list
  3. Tap Messaging 
  4. Enter your message and press the Up Arrow icon to send
    mazevo mobile enter new message

To respond to a message from the Mazévo mobile app

The user will receive a push notification for new messages on their mobile device if they have push notifications turned on for Mazévo mobile. They will also see a red circle icon next to the event when they view My Events when they have new messages. 

mazevo mobile new conversation indicator on event

By tapping on the event with a new message the mobile user will be taken to view the new message and they can choose to respond. 

mazevo mobile view response

The only way a requester can respond to a message is from the Mazévo mobile app. They will not be able to respond to a message from My Events on the web. 

Notification of New Messages for Event Planners

Event planners can review the messages that have been sent and not yet reviewed by going to Day at a Glance. 

mazevo Day at a Glance new conversation

  1. Go to Events > Day at a Glance
  2. Click the Unread Conversations circle to see which events have an unread conversation. 
  3. Click the event to review the conversation

Unread conversations are available to anyone with an Event Planner role. Ocean event planner has viewed the conversation it will be removed from the Day at a Glance page for all event planners.


To access conversations from an event for an event planner 

  1. Open an event
  2. Click the conversations tab
  3. Type a message to the requestor

mazevo event planner new conversation


Caution: If you click on the conversations tab and see no channels available this means the primary contact does not have a Mazévo user account. If you add a user to send a message to and they do not have a Mazévo user account or they are not the primary contact on the event or they do not have the mobile app they will not receive your message.

mazevo no channels available