How to Use Requester Test Mode

Global administrators in Mazévo can now use the new tool Requester Test Mode to verify the experience that a requester will have when using Mazévo.


Global administrators (GA) can not natively create requests using the Add New Request tool. The Requester Test Mode allows a GA to temporarily act as a Requester to enter/test the request process.  Once the testing is complete, the GA will end the Test Mode and log back in as a GA.


Three prerequisites are required to use the Test Mode.  They are:

  1. You need to be a Global Administrator.
  2. Your Global Administrator needs to be tied to a contact record.
  3. You need at least one security policy defined before using Test Mode.

Using Test Mode

To use Request Test Mode, follow these steps:

  1. First, from the pulldown menu, select Requester Test Mode.
    Starting Requester Test Mode
  2. Next, select the appropriate security policy.Requester Test Mode - selecting the  security policy
  3. After pressing Start Testing, you will be logged out of Mazevo.  Once you log back in, you will be in Test Mode.  Use your GA credentials when you log back in.  Here's the screen you will see after logging back in:
    After starting the test mode, you will arrive at this menu


Stopping Test Mode

To stop testing and return to your standard GA menu, press STOP in the red bar at the top of the window.  You will be logged out of the system.  When you log back in, you will see the standard GA menu.