How to use setup types and room layouts

This article explains how to define and use standard room setup types.

A room setup is the physical layout or configuration of a space. Most organizations will have several standard styles of setup that can be used for events. Examples include:

  • Classroom
  • Hollow Square
  • U Shape
  • Rounds of 8
  • Theater

Defining Room Setups

You can predefine your standard setups for use with any event that you book. Setups are a special kind of resource in the system. To define a setup do the following

  1. (Optional) Configure a service provider that will provide the room setups. Often this is done by your facilities staff so you could create a service provider called "facilities". If you don't have seperate service providers you may skip this step.
  2. Configure a resource grouping and give it a descriptive name such as setup type, room layout or something similar. The resource grouping type should be Service Description
  3. Go to resources and configure a resource for each type of setup that you offer. Be sure to indicate that it belongs to the resource grouping you created in step 2.

Using Room Setups with Events

Once you have created an event within the system select the occurrences you want to add a room setup configuration to and click add resources.

Add Setup - Add Resource

Attendance and Room Setups

When adding a setup type the system will automatically enter the attendance next to the room setup selected.

Add Setup Counts-1