Messages: What are They and How to Create Them

Messages are predefined blocks of texts that can be used on confirmations, invoices and emails to quickly add additional policies, procedures and other standard messages.


Messages are blocks of standardized text that can be used to convey various policies, procedures, rules and general information to your customers.  Messages can be used when sending confirmations, invoices and emails.  Examples of messages are:

  • Facility Guidelines
  • Facility Policies
  • Signature Block
  • Thank you 

How to Create a New Message

Navigate to Settings > Messages.

Messages 1

Press Add Message.

Messages 2

Name: This is the short name or description of the message.

Message Text:  This is the block of text that will be displayed for this message.

Type:  Choose Confirmation Header or Confirmation Footer.  Header messages will display between the heading of the confirmation and the confirmation body.  Footing messages will display at the end of the confirmation.

Automatically Apply Message to New Confirmations:  By checking this option, the message will automatically be used when sending a new confirmation.  If the message is used infrequently, leave this option unchecked and you will have the option to select the message manually each time you want it included on a confirmation.