Overview of Mazevo Operations Tools

Mazévo has several tools available in the Mazévo mobile app designed to streamline the daily operations for events.

The Mazévo Mobile App 

The Mazévo mobile application provides access to numerous functions based upon the roles a user has set on their account.  These functions include:

  • Review Events -  Allows the user to see all event details for upcoming events. Optionally, the user can mark an event as reviewed.  
  • Operations - Allows the user to assign staff to each booking based upon the services required for the booking, as well as, marking individual services started or completed.  Operations also allow a service worker to view and update the work that has been assigned to them.
  • Approvals - Allows the user to view and manage approvals (approve or deny)  assigned to them.
  • My Events - Allows the user to view and update any event that is associated with their user account.
  • All Events - Allows the user to view all public events.

Mobile Main Menu

This article will provide an overview of Review Events and Operations which are used for service personnel to manage services for events.  

Review Events

The Review Events process allows a user to view events and associated details for a selected day. 

Review Events - Events for the day

The user can mark each event as reviewed and enter a note about the event.  Marking an event as reviewed will time stamp the event for the user and highlight the event if changes are made to the event after marking it as reviewed.  This allows a user to see at a glance the events that have been modified.  


Depending on the role that a user has, Service Manager or Service Worker, the Operations function will have functionality specific to the user.

Managers can:

  • Select Staff and Service Providers to manage.
  • Optionally assign staff to perform services.
  • Set the state of a service to in progress or completed.
  • Add notes and photos to the work log by service.
  • Mark the booking as ready (2nd level of oversight).

Workers can:

  • If the system is configured, set the state of a service to in progress or completed.
  • Add notes and photos to the work log by service.