User Types in Mazévo

Learn how to configure user access in Mazévo for common user types like event managers, catering staff, AV staff, facilities staff, and requesters.



  • Global - Controls all areas of the system. The only type of user with access to Account Settings. (Role = Global Administrator)
  • User - Controls user access to the system and by default has access to all areas of the system except Account Settings. (Role = User Administrator)
  • Configuration Administrator - Has the ability to add, delete, and change settings information in specific areas listed below.
    • Facilities - Has the ability to create buildings, rooms, and room setups. (Role = Facilities Administrator)
    • Events - Has the ability to maintain event-related settings, like event types, special dates, and event questions. (Role = Event Administrator)
    • Services - Has the ability to maintain service providers and resources (Role = Services Administrator)
    • Billing - Has the ability to maintain pricing plans, taxes, and service charges, as well as all room and resource pricing. (Role = Billing Administrator)
    • Calendar - Has the ability to create calendar links and calendar properties. (Role = Calendar Administator)
    • Room Sign - Has the ability to create and manage room signage. (Role = Room Sign Administrator)
    • Academic Administrator - Has the ability to manage academic statuses. (Role = Academic Administrator)

Event Planners

Event planners create and manage events for any organization in the system. The administrator can limit event planner access to specific buildings. Event planners can be defined as view-only, allowing the user access to several of the planners' tools to view events without the ability to add or change events. View-only planners are not restricted by building. (Roles = Event Planner, Event Planner View Only)


Requesters are users that are allowed to create and edit their own events. A requester's ability to manage their own events is directly tied to the security policy that is specified on their user account. The system can be configured to allow the requests to be reviewed by an event planner or directly booked by the requester without event planner interaction (a self-service booking). (Role = Requester)


Approvers are users that process secondary approvals. This approval workflow is managed by an event planner but relies on the approvers' approval or denial of the individual approvals. (Role = Oversight (Approval) )

Service Manager

A service manager or building manager ensures that the requested services are ready for the customer. (Role = Service Manager)

Service Worker

A service worker is responsible for the service delivery (setting up the tables and chairs, delivering the catering or AV equipment). Mazévo has a mobile app that is tailored to the needs of the service worker. (Role = Service Worker)


Combining User Types

Except for the global administrator, a user can have multiple roles associated with their user account. Please see the knowledge base article A Guide to User Security in Mazévo for further details on user roles.