Better Event Questions, Book Updates, Improved Internal Emails & More

May 11, 2021 8:13:43 PM / by Bryan Peck

We have been keeping our software developers busy lately! This update includes a list of enhancements to Event Questions and other changes suggested by Mazévo customers.

Event Questions

New Event Question Sort Order

You can now choose the order you want event questions to display to requesters.


New Dependent Questions

You can now have questions that will appear based on how you answered a previous question. For instance, you can ask, "will food be served at the event?" If the answer is yes, two other questions could appear to collect more detail. Example: What kind of food will you be serving? Where are you ordering food from?


Event Planners Can Now Submit Answers to Event Questions

If an event planner is scheduling an event on behalf of someone else, they can now enter a response to event questions. Previously they could only enter answers to questions that they manually added. They can also edit or change responses to questions that requesters submitted.


Event Questions Now Display in Find Events

You can now filter and search for events based on event questions.


Updates to the Event Book

New Ways to Filter Rooms

You can now choose to see only rooms with bookings, only rooms without bookings, or specific rooms in the event book.


Add Past Events From the Book

You can now add events that occur in the past while in the event book. Previously you would have to use the Add New Event function to add a booking for a time-frame in the past.


Email Updates

Automatically Send Copies of Confirmation Emails to Departmental Email Address

When you send a confirmation to a customer, you can now have a copy of that confirmation automatically be sent to a departmental email address. Previously Mazévo would only send a copy of the confirmation to the user who sent the confirmation to the customer.


Opt-Out of Receiving Copies of Confirmations

Individual Event planners can now opt-out of receiving copies of the confirmations that are sent to their customers.


New Request Notifications Are Now Sent to Department Email Address

Previously these notices were only sent to individual event planners


Scheduled Email Messages Can Now Accommodate up to 3,000 characters.

Previously the limit was 1,000 characters.


New Variables for Scheduled Emails

You can now include the first booking room and first booking end time in the subject or body of scheduled emails.



Drill Into Specific Events

You can now open events from Analytics & Resource Usage Reports with a click. Previously you could see the individual event, but you had to enter the event number to open it manually.


New Sort Option for Daily Ops Report

There is a new option to show a combined list of events happening in different buildings.


We removed the "People" Column from the Daily Ops Report

We did this for the sake of clarity.


Other Changes

Find Invoices - New Column for Organization Type

There is a new column in Find Invoices to display organization type.


Find Invoices - Export Event ID

When exporting invoices to Excel, the report will now include the Event ID with the other event information. Previously Event ID would not display once exported.


New Setup Style Icons

There are four new setup style icons to select from.

4 New Setup Icons


Add Logo and Messaging to the Login URL for Your Organization

With this update, you can now include your logo on your organization's login page. Please contact Mazévo support to enable this feature for your organization.


SSO Updates

We made several enhancements to SSO to accommodate various Mazévo customer configurations.


Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in this release

  • In specific instances, special dates were displaying on the wrong date
  • Resource notes added by a requester are now displayed
  • Deleted deposits are no longer shown on the confirmation
  • The blank page printing at the end of reports has been removed
  • Deleted resources are no longer counting against inventory use
  • Mobile ops users can now view room diagrams that are PDF files
  • Other bugs preventing optimal scheduling




Bryan Peck

Written by Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.

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