Enhanced Statuses and More Tools for Requesters

Jun 16, 2021 5:50:46 PM / by Bryan Peck

June has been a busy month for our software developers. They have cranked out several new options and features to make your scheduling more efficient. Read on for the list of updates. 

Updates to Mazévo Statuses 

If your organization relies on statuses to help you with workflow, you probably rely on statuses to keep things running smooth. With this update, you now have more control over how your statuses work with your scheduling process and how they are used to display event information online and on reports.


New Status Settings for Advanced Security Policies

You can now select specific statuses applied to new requests, changed requests, and canceled requests. This gives you more control over which statuses are used when managing event requests than the previous method.  


New Option for Requests That Do Not Hold Space 

You can now allow requests that do not block space. This allows multiple requests for a room to "stack up" for the same date and time, allowing an event planner to determine who should be allowed to use the space. 


Event Planners Can Now Schedule Rooms With Statuses That Don't Block Space 

You can now select an event status before choosing a room. This allows you to select a status such as "Lost Business" or "Wait List" that does not reserve the space. Previously you would have had to edit the event after you entered it.  


Select Status From Approve/Deny Buttons in Event Editor

When processing a new request, pressing the approve or deny buttons will give you a choice of which approved or denied status you wish to select if you have more than one defined. Previously Mazévo chose the default status automatically.  


Updates to the Event Request Process

Requesters Can Now Distinguish Canceled vs. Denied Requests

Requests that an event planner denies will now display as "Denied" to the requester. Requests that the requester cancels will show as canceled.  


Prevent Requesters From Making Changes to Events

You can now selectively lock events, preventing them from being edited by a requester. A lock icon indicates to all parties that a requester can't change the event.  

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 5.29.06 PM


Requesters Can Now Edit Setup Type and Count

Requesters can now edit setup type and count for individual bookings. When editing the setup count, Mazévo will limit them to changing the number to an amount that the room can hold if you have defined the room's capacity.


Requesters Can View and Add Secondary Contacts to Events 

A requestor can now view the secondary contact on an event. They can also add a secondary contact to an event that doesn't have one.  


Requesters Can Now Move Bookings to Rooms in Another Building 

Previously they could only update their bookings to rooms in the same building 


Resources Now Grouped for Requesters 

If you are using resource groupings to organize your resources, these will now display to the requester. Previously only an event planner would be able to see the resource groups.  


Other Updates

Changed Color of Events in Combo Rooms 

Events booked in a combo room will appear lighter in the room components than they did previously. This should make it easier to distinguish which room the event is in at first glance.  


Contact Phone Number Now Displayed to Operations Staff

When viewing a booking in Manage Operations or in the Mazévo Mobile App, you will now see the contact's phone number.


New VIP Indicator on Daily Ops Report 

When viewing the daily ops report, you can now tell which events are VIP events.  


Updates to the Banquet Event Order Report 

  • The BEO will now print service orders on separate pages if desired 
  • The Event Coordinator and their title will now display in the header of the BEO 
  • A new footer is displayed that indicates the date, time, and initials of the person who generated the BEO 
  • The BEO header information will now display on each page 


Discounts Now displayed on Revenue Analytics Report 

The revenue Analytics report now has a column for gross amounts and discount amounts. The Amount column has been renamed to Net Amount.  


New Amount Columns in Analytics Report 

When reporting on revenue, you will now see columns for gross amount, discount, net amount, tax, service charge, and total revenue. 


Various Bug Fixes

Bryan Peck

Written by Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.

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