Improved Messaging & Branding Options & Even More Calendar Goodies

Apr 21, 2021 5:15:11 PM / by Bryan Peck

Messaging Updates

New Ability to Customize System Emails.

You can now customize the text in the following emails for your organization.

  • Confirm Email
  • Confirm Email Change
  • Email Address Changed
  • Forgot Password

This gives you the ability to adapt the messaging for your organization and let your users know who to contact if they run into questions or problems.  

You can also now add your organization's logo to these emails.


New Login URL for Your Organization

You can now direct your users to go to a login page that is specific for your organization. (i.e.,  www.your-org.mymazevo.com). This will allow you to add your logo and control the messaging that appears when logging into Mazévo.


New Login Alert Message

Global administrators can now add a custom message that will appear for all their users when they log in to Mazévo.


New Text Formatting for Scheduled Emails

You can now format the text and add web links to your scheduled emails.


Public Calendar Updates

Requesters can now add and edit calendar details

We recently introduced calendar details which means you can include an event description, images, and links on your public calendar. With this update, your requesters can now add these details to their events. 


New Review Calendar Details Tool

A new tool allows you to review calendar details submitted by requesters before publishing them to your public calendar.


The Public Calendar Now Shows Related Bookings

When viewing an event's details on the public calendar, a new "Other Bookings" tab shows all future bookings for the event.


Calendar Setting Name Changes

Calendar Properties are now named Calendar Details.

Calendar Filters are now named Calendars.


Other Changes

Show or Hide Notes when Setting the Order of Resources

A new check box allows you to display or hide notes when setting the sort order of resources on a booking.


Turn Off Automated Request Approved or Denied Emails.

When a request is approved or denied, Mazévo will immediately notify the requester of the change. You can now turn off these automated notifications, giving you more control over the timing and messaging to your requesters. Please contact Mazévo Support if you want to turn off these email messages for your organization.


Updates to Single-Sign-On

This update includes several enhancements to single-sign-on to make it easier to configure for your organization, including automatically setting requester access based on their role within your organization.


Various Bug Fixes

We eliminated several bugs in this update that may have affected your scheduling enjoyment. 😀

Bryan Peck

Written by Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.

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