July 2020 Beautification

Jul 2, 2020 3:25:14 PM / by Bryan Peck

There are several enhancements this month to improve the beauty and functionality of your scheduling experience.

You can now choose a monthly occurrence pattern when adding a new event. - Previously you could choose to have an event repeat monthly as long as it was on the same day every month. (i.e., the 8th of the month). Now you can choose to have an event recur on a specific day of the week each month. (i.e., Second Tuesday).

New My Tasks Button on Day at a Glance Screen - You can now access your tasks from the day at a glance screen. From here, you can complete, delete, or reassign tasks.

Improvements to Analytics - You can now publish and save analytic reports for use later by yourself or other staff members. You can also drill into the results on the data panel of analytics to see the individual bookings that make up a result.

New Button to Change Resource Notes - Resource notes are notes that appear by default when you select a resource. Now event planners and override and change these when adding resources.

You Can Now Search for, and Report on Events By Organization Type - The organization type field now appears on Find Events, Activity Log, Analytics, and Revenue Analytics.

New Pricing Method: Half Day/Full Day - If you charge for rooms or resources by day or half-day, this pricing method will calculate the correct price for you automatically.

New Move and Copy Bookings Functions - You can now move bookings from one event to another new or existing event. You can also copy individual bookings to other events with a new date.

Search for Events by VIP Flag - If you have marked an activity as a VIP event, you can now search for these in the Find Event tool.

Change Bookings to a Specific Date - Previously, if you wanted to change the date on a single booking, you could only move that booking a set number of days or weeks forward/backward. Now you can choose a specific date to transfer the booking to.

More Status Colors to Choose From - You have always been able to choose the colors of your statuses (confirmed, canceled, etc.) in Mazévo, but you were limited to 20 colors to choose from. Now you can choose from an almost unlimited number of colors.

Task Definition Notes Now Display To End-Users - Previously, these notes were not visible to end-users. Now, these notes will display when you hover over the name of the task.

See Attendance Numbers When Adding Resources - An event planner can now see the attendance for the event or booking when they are adding resources. Previously they would have had to close the Add Resources window to view this number.

Bryan Peck

Written by Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.

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