New Time Selectors with Improvements to Operations, Reports, & Billing

Aug 10, 2021 8:30:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

New Time Selectors

We have updated the way that you enter event and setup time in Mazévo. It is now easier to enter times with your keyboard, especially when adding new events. Previously the time selector always defaulted to the current time when entering a new event. Now the time field is blank, and you can just start entering any time you wish.

We made changes to how setup time is entered as well. You now enter an actual time of day that setup begins and teardown ends rather than entering the number of minutes for setup/teardown.


Report Updates

New Setting for Number of Room Cards

If you use the Mazévo room card report, you may have rooms where you wish to print more than one room card. For instance, if there are multiple entrances to a room and you want a room card at each door. You can now set the number of room cards you wish to print for each room. This setting can be changed on the room's settings.


Edit Published Reports

You can now edit a published report while keeping the same link to the report. Previously, once a report was published, you could not make any changes to the report's settings.


Billing Updates

Optional Deposit Date

You can now enter a date that will determine when a deposit can be applied on an invoice. Designed for recurring events, a deposit date controls when you should apply a deposit to an invoice. Previously the entire amount of any deposits would often be consumed when running invoices for individual bookings.


New Applied Deposits Column on Find Invoices

There is now a column to show you the total amount of any deposits applied to an invoice when viewing a list of invoices.


Optional Organization Address on Invoices

There is now an option on the invoicing department to display the organization's address to which the invoice is being sent. This option is turned off by default.


Operations Updates

Filter Manage Operations by Assigned Staff.

An operations manager can now filter the list of bookings in manage operations on the web by the staff member that is assigned to a service


Event Coordinator Now Displays to Operations Staff.

There is a new column for the event coordinator to display on the daily operations report. The column is abbreviated as EC and displays the initials of the event coordinator if one is assigned to the event. The event coordinators Initials also show to operations staff in the Mazévo mobile app and manage operations on the web.


Teardown time now displays to Operations Staff

You can now see how much time is allocated for the teardown of an event on the Daily Operations Report, operations in the mobile app, and manage operations on the web.


Second contacts now display for operations staff.

Secondary contacts will now display on the Daily Operations Report, manage operations on the web, and the Mazévo mobile app. Previously Mazévo only showed the primary contact.


Bug Fixes

We fixed several bugs in this release including:

Fixed: Requesters were able to edit the date of their request to a date that your building was closed. Mazévo now checks to make sure they are selecting a valid date when making changes.

Fixed: Building hours were not always showing in the event book if you selected multiple buildings.

Fixed: Ops work items were showing on the wrong date. If you entered a work item for the 9th, it was displaying on the 10th.

Fixed: We fixed several bugs in the new Advanced Find Events tool that was causing data not to show up or show up incorrectly.

Fixed: The default start page was not being saved for requestors. Mazévo will now take them to their default start page rather than the main menu.

Fixed: You would get an error if you tried to view a room setup diagram in the event book if it was stored as a .pdf file.


Bryan Peck

Written by Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.

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