New Triggers, Confirmation Attachments and Other Goodies for February

Feb 8, 2021 4:58:50 PM / by Bryan Peck

Updates to Approvals, Tasks, and Questions

The triggers for Approvals, Tasks, and Questions have been updated to be consistent for each tool. Mazévo can now trigger one of these functions based on location, service provider, event type, attendance, or always. There is also a new trigger based on organization type. You can also now manually add approvals when necessary. Previously there was no way to manually trigger an approval.

**NEW** Send Attachments with Confirmations and Invoices

You can now send file attachments with any confirmation. Files can be selected from your computer or Mazévo. If you choose a file from your computer, it will be automatically added to the event in Mazévo. We also updated the email history function to log any attachments sent with the confirmation and invoice.

New Common Attachment Library

You can now upload common files such as standard policy documents that are not associated with any event. Once uploaded, you can then attach these files to confirmation or invoice emails generated from Mazévo.

Multiple Event Coordinators

You can now add multiple event coordinators to an event. Previously an event could only have a single event coordinator assigned. All event coordinators will display on the confirmation.

New Special Instructions on Resources

There is now a Special Instructions note field on resources. These instructions display on confirmations and all reports in addition to the standard resource notes field.

New Copy Resource Function

You can now copy one or more resources to other bookings on the same or different events. The copy function will copy all resource quantities and notes to each booking you select.

New Resource Sequencing in Event Editor

The last Mazévo update allowed you to change the order your resources printed on confirmations and reports. The order of the resources on the event editor was unchanged, however. To make everything consistent, we changed the event editor to display resources in the order you defined.

New Columns in Revenue Analytics Report

Revenue Analytics has been updated to display any taxes, service charges, and total for each item. Previously you could only see the item price.

New Copy Button for Pricing Plans

You can now copy all prices from one pricing plan to another.

Display Customer Address in Confirmation

There is a new option to display the customer's physical address on the confirmation document. You can enable this by checking the box on the confirmation template. 

Day of Week Displays on Confirmation

The day of the week is now displayed next to the date of each booking on the confirmation.

Optional - Bookings with Conflict Status on Reports

You can now have bookings in a conflict status display on the confirmation. These bookings can be selected by default for other reports as well. Previously there was no way to display conflicts on confirmations. By default, bookings in a conflict status will not show on reports. Please contact Mazévo support if you wish to enable this function in your account.


Bryan Peck

Written by Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.

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