New Year 2021 Updates for Room Requesters and to the Mazévo Event Book

Jan 5, 2021 4:28:57 PM / by Bryan Peck

Happy 2021! We are starting the year off with several new updates for those who request space within your organization. These updates are available in both the web and mobile apps. There are also several other updates for those who manage space. Read on for details. 


Room Request Updates

Requestors can now see past events they have submitted up to one year old. These are displayed under a separate tab for past events. They can also view any details associated with those past events, including any resources or services that were part of the event. 

There is a new option to allow your requestors to see all future and past events submitted by their associated organizations. Previously they could only see events they had personally submitted. This option is turned off for your account by default. To enable this option, please contact Mazévo support. 

Requestors can now pick dates that recur every month on the same week and day of the week, i.e., the second Tuesday of the month. This is in addition to the ability to pick dates that recur on the same day of the month.

Button labels have been updated in both web and mobile apps to clarify when a user is making changes to all bookings instead of an individual booking.

Requesters can now change the name of individual bookings. Previously they could only change the name at the event level, which modified it for all bookings.

Requesters now have the option of selecting all buildings when searching for space availability. Previously buildings needed to be chosen individually.


Updates to the Event Book

There is a new All Buildings option when selecting which buildings to view in the book.

To make it easier to select dates, you can now scroll using your mouse wheel or touchpad when using the calendar to pick dates in the Event Book. Just hover your mouse over the calendar to scroll.

When viewing the current day, there is now a vertical line that visually indicates the present time.

There is a new refresh button for the book that will allow you to view the most updated version of that day’s events.   


Other Updates and Improvements

When viewing tasks either through Manage Tasks or Day at a Glance, any task associated with a canceled event is now hidden by default. You can view these tasks by clicking the filter link at the top of the grid.

Minor changes have been made to the confirmation header’s layout to make it easier to read when there are longer names and email addresses.

You can now create more than one confirmation template with the same name. Previously, it was impossible to have a separate confirmation template with different titles for the same department, I.e., Confirmation, and Quote.  

A page size selector has been added to Rooms and Resources in Settings. You can now view up to 100 records on a page if desired.

There is a new filter to hide or display disabled resources when managing Service Charges and Tax Codes.

There are several behind the scenes updates to how reports are generated.

You can now upload a background image for the Mazévo Room Sign instead of pointing to an image URL.

Time pickers for the iOS Mazévo mobile app were updated to reflect recent changes with iOS 14.


Accessibility Updates

The contrast of the event ID has been improved on booking lists in Find Events, Day at a Glance, Activity Log, and Work Log.


Bug Fixes

This update includes several bug fixes, including:

We fixed an issue with text printing incorrectly on the confirmation when you had a really long building name.

An issue with bookings displaying at the incorrect time in the Event Book has been corrected.

There were some instances where the Mazévo public event calendar prompted for a login to view the calendar. This has been corrected.

We fixed an issue with being unable to edit an organization that didn’t have an email address defined.


Bryan Peck

Written by Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.

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