November 2020 Updates to Several Mazévo Tools

Nov 13, 2020 4:23:47 PM / by Bryan Peck

Our developers have been busy this month. This update includes a little something for everyone in your organization that uses Mazévo.

Event Editor

New Email History

Mazévo will now keep a history of confirmation and invoice emails sent from the system. The history includes who the confirmation was sent to along with the date and time sent and any message.

New Event Alerts

You can now add alerts to events. An Alert is a message that will display anytime an Event Planner views an event.

Mazevo event alert screen shot

Automatic Inventory Alerts

When editing an event, you will now receive an alert that changes you made may affect your available resource inventory. There is also a new "check inventory" link that will verify your inventory for the event and alert you if a resource is overbooked.

Copy Event Messaging

There is a new message when you copy an event to let you know that Mazévo has copied your event and if any conflicts occurred when it was copied.

Select Event Coordinators

You can now select which event planners are also event coordinators. Previously all event planners were able to be selected as event coordinators. If your organization does not use Event Coordinators, then the field will disappear.

Room Diagram Labels

When adding a diagram to an event, you no longer have to type in the diagram name every time.

Select Status When Adding Bookings

Previously when you added a new booking to an existing event, you could not select a status for the booking.


Event Book

Change Status

You can now change an event's status in the Event Book without going to the event editor page.

New Weekly Scrolling

You can scroll dates forward and backward a week at a time by holding down shift when you click the forward or backward arrow.

Settings Saved

The event book now saves your viewing settings, including zoom level, room sorting, and building selections.

Public Event Book Updated

The event book's public view has been updated with the ability to sort the room list, zoom, and weekly view. It will also save your settings.


Find Events

Additional Fields Available in Find Events

You may now select from up to 19 additional event and booking fields to display when using Find Events. These fields can be exported as an Excel .xlsx file for your reporting needs.

mazevo find events additional fields



New Event Pop Up

When viewing all events on a given day, You will now see those events in a pop-up window. Previously the events were displayed on a separate page.



View Previous Requests

A requester can now view their previous requests. The request's Event ID is also displayed now.

Select All Buildings

A requester can now choose to search for space across all buildings instead of selecting each facility individually.

New Larger Text Field for Event Questions

The viewable size of the text response field has been increased. You were previously limited to viewing a small single line of text.

"My Events" Now Available to Event Planners

Event planners can now submit requests for space in facilities they do not manage.



New Link to Published Reports

You can now send a link to any of your published reports. Clicking on the report link will generate the report in real-time with the latest information. You can share the report link with your team, and it does not require the report viewer to log in to Mazévo.

New Report Type Column in Published Reports

The list of published reports now displays the type of report (daily Operations Report, Analytics, Event List, etc.) next to the report name.


Room Configuration

New Room Setups Column

There is a new column in your list of rooms that will display the number of setups defined for a room. Clicking on the number will allow you to view and manage all the configurations for the room.



New Organization Email

You can now store an organization's email address in Mazévo. You can also use this email when sending the confirmation and invoice.

See Organizations Event Status

When you view an organization's events, you can now see those events' statuses without opening up the event editor.


Room Sign

See Future Events

You can now display events happening up to 6 days in the future on the Mazévo room sign.

Hide Organization and Contact

You now have an option to show or hide the organization and contact name from the room sign.


What we Fixed

This update includes a variety of bugs and other issues that we corrected.

Room Charges Display Issue

Room charges calculated using the half-day/full day pricing method were not always displayed.


Bryan Peck

Written by Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.

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