November 27, 2019 Release - Updates to Mobile Requests

Nov 27, 2019 4:52:10 PM / by Dean Evans

With this update we have made several changes including a expanded request process in the mobile app enabling you to collect more information about event and service needs.

Request Services and Resources from Mobile App

Your users will now be able to request equipment and services such as room setup for their event in the Mazévo mobile app. You will now see a requestable column in resource settings where you can select which of your resources people can request through Mazévo. This will allow a requestor to select what they need, enter a quantity and any notes about the equipment/service. They are also able to go back later and update their selections if necessary.

Add Questions on Request Form

You can now ask questions, called "event questions", as part of the request process. When someone is making a request in the Mazévo mobile app they will be prompted to answer any questions that you have configured. The question can be configured to ask for a text response or to choose an answer from a list. You can also choose when to ask a specific question. Questions can be set to display to all users when they make a request or only when a specific location or resource is requested. You will see event questions under the events menu.

What's Improved

  • You can now allow requestors to finish incomplete requests. With the addition of resource requests and questions there may be some instances where a requestor has started the request process but did not complete their request. Those requests are saved, and the user will be prompted to complete the request the next time they login to the mobile app.
  • You can now designate which rooms in a building your users can request. Previously you could only designate which buildings they could request rooms in. Now you have control over exactly which rooms in that building they can request.
  • You can now "tag" resources with a keyword or term. These tags can be used to determine when a specific question should be asked to requestors.
  • The event billing code will now display on the confirmation and invoice.
  • When viewing an event, you can now check resource inventory on all your bookings and make sure that there is no overbooked equipment or items on the event. To use this new feature, open an event and check the box next to one or more bookings. You will see a button that displays "✔️ Inventory"
  • There is a new report called Event List that allows you to print a list of events for a given date range. The report will display start time, end time, event name, room and organization. Special dates will also be displayed.
  • The check boxes in Mazévo have been made easier to see by adding a darker outline around the box.
  • The filters in find event have been updated to remove the accordion style and replaced with a list of filters that you can click to select.
  • You can now filter by room in Find Event. This replaces the need to filter by building first and then use the search bar to filter by room as a second step.
  • When you are adding new events to the system today's date will no longer automatically be selected on the calendar. We love saving you unneeded clicks!
  • You can now view changes made in Mazévo in the last seven days, fourteen days and last month. This gives you more options than today and yesterday which were there before.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where part of the confirmation header or footer text would be cut off and not displayed when exporting a confirmation to pdf.
  • If you attempted to export special dates previously, you probably noticed that the actual date didn't show, just the name of the special date/holiday. The next date is now exported with the list of special dates.
  • When exporting the event calendar, the name of the month did not display just the calendar grid. This has been fixed and now the calendar will display the month and year at the top.



Dean Evans

Written by Dean Evans

Dean Evans is the Founder and CEO of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event scheduling software.

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