September 2021 Updates to Mazévo Ops & Other Scheduling Changes

Sep 3, 2021 8:00:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Mazévo Operations Changes

In this update, we show some love to those who use the operations functions in Mazévo with a few things that will make your job easier.


Schedule Work Items for Multiple Dates.

You can now enter a work item that regularly repeats, daily, once a week, etc. Previously you had to enter them one-by-one


Copy Work Items

Do you have a work item with a lot of notes? You can now copy it to a new date instead of manually re-entering.


New Work Item Indicator

If you are looking at Operations in Mobile or Manage Operations from the web, you will see a new indicator for work items on a specific day. You no longer have to click the work item tab first to see if work items are on that day.


View My Work for Service Managers

From Operations on mobile, those with the service manager role can now filter to see work that has been assigned to them. Previously only those with the worker security role could do this.


Improved View of Event Times in Manage Operations

The way that times are displayed in Manage operations on the web now shows setup and teardown time in the list of events (grid). The pop-up also now includes customer access time. 


Customer Access Time Visible in Mobile Operations

Mobile operations users can now see customer access time. Previously Mazévo included customer access time in the setup time, but a mobile user could not see it.


Event Number Visible to Operations Users

The event number now displays in Manage Operations and Review Events on the web and mobile.


Other Changes

Add New Contact From Event Editor

When changing a contact for an event, you can now add a new contact from scratch. Previously you would have had to go to contacts and add the contact, return to the event editor, refresh the page and finally select the new contact.


Find Events Export - Event Number is Now Exported

When you export your Find Events results to Excel, there is a new column for the Event Number. Why this wasn't there before is a mystery to us. 😎


Requests - Better Handling of Room Setups for Alternate Rooms

Recently we introduced a feature for requesters that allowed them to select an alternate room when their preferred room isn't always available during a series of dates. This could cause problems if they chose a setup style that was only available in their preferred room as Mazévo would also assign that setup style to their alternate. Now when they select an alternate space, if the setup style can't be used in the alternate, Mazévo will leave the setup blank for those locations so an event planner can pick an appropriate setup style.


New Hourly Pricing Options

Mazévo now automatically calculates the price of an item based on the hours of the event or the service. Previously if you wanted Mazévo to calculate the cost of an item, it always used the number of hours an event was scheduled unless you manually entered a different number of hours.


Users - Inactivate/Activate Multiple Users.

There is a new check box next to each user record. This allows you to select multiple users that you wish to flag as active or inactive.

Users - Inactive Users Now Hidden by Default.

Inactive users will no longer appear in your list of users. You can view inactive users by clicking the filter and unchecking "hide inactive."


Event List Report Changes

There is a new organization type filter for the event list report.

The event list will now exclude private events by default. You can override this by clicking the box to include private events before running the report.

If there are no events scheduled on a day, any special dates indicated for that day will no longer display


Daily Ops Report - New Contact Phone Number

The primary contact phone number is now included in the report.


This update also includes a few minor bug fixes. 


Bryan Peck

Written by Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.

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