December 13, 2019 Release - Associate Multiple Contacts to Events

Dec 13, 2019 4:45:44 PM / by Dean Evans

Multiple Contacts Can Now Be Associated with an Event

Previously Mazévo would only allow you to store a single contact with your event. With this update you can now associate as many contacts as you need with an event. You will notice that the contact on all your events is now the "Primary Contact" and you can now add other secondary or billing contacts as needed.

Anyone who is listed as a secondary contact on an event will be able to view the event if they have a Mazévo user account. They will not be able to make changes to these events however. Only the primary contact can submit changes through Mazévo.

multiple contacts on an event


Request Resources and Answer Questions from the Web

The last release gave mobile users the ability to request resources and services from their mobile device. Why should mobile users have all the fun though? This release provides the same functionality as our mobile app has from the web.


What's Improved

  • Incomplete requests now visually identified. With the last update we introduced the concept of incomplete requests. These are requests that a user has started from their Mobile Device or the web that they did not finish. Those will now display in Mazévo with an icon to let an event planner know that the request is incomplete and not finished.
  • Users who do not finish their request from the mobile app will now receive a reminder notification on their phone after one hour to complete their request.
  • With this release you can now create longer confirmation messages. Previously you were limited to 500 characters for a message. That has been increased to 4,000 characters.
  • You will now see an indication of how many characters are allowed when you create a new confirmation message. Previously the box would just turn red when you went over your limit but you couldn't see what the limit was.
  • Changes to service requests results in pending status. With the last release we introduced the ability for your users to request services and also edit services after they submit their request. If the user edited their service the event planner was not made aware of those changes. We tied up this loose end and now if the user adds a resource/service, changes a quantity or note or deletes a resource the event will be placed back into pending status and the event planner will be notified via email of the change.
  • You can now click the number in the days available column when adding a new event. This will show you any conflicts that are preventing you from having the room. Previously you would have had to click the conflict tab to get this information.
  • Booking date added and booking added by now displayed in the activity log. Previously you would have had to open the booking and navigate to the history tab to see this information.
  • There is a new search filter box in the activity log. Often you are given a large number of results when you are viewing the activity log. The search works the same as on other screens by allowing you to filter the list down to match what you type in the box.
  • You can now decide which if any of your organizations users can make requests for without having to individually associate a user contact to an organization. Previously your users could only make requests for organizations that they had been specifically associated with by an event planner or administrator.



Dean Evans

Written by Dean Evans

Dean Evans is the Founder and CEO of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event scheduling software.

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