Updates to Resources, New Customer Access Time and More

Jan 22, 2021 5:12:36 PM / by Bryan Peck

This update includes several changes to how resources are displayed, or are not displayed, on reports. These changes should be especially useful for those of you using Mazévo to manage your catering operation. In addition to the changes below we also fixed a number of pesky bugs.

New Resource Display Order
You can now control the order that your service providers and resources display on reports and confirmations. This is done through a new tool on the service providers or resource in settings.

New Single Resource Edit Option
You can now click a resource from the event editor page to edit just that resource. You can also see the resource's change history when editing the resource. Previously, you had to check the box next to the resource and then choose what you wanted to edit from a menu of options.

"Internal Only" Service Provider and Resources
You can now designate a service provider or resource as being internal. The internal designation means those items will not display on the confirmation or invoice that the customer sees. They will still show for your staff on internal reports and in the Mazévo Ops app.

Customer Access Time
You can now indicate the time a customer can access the room before their event starts. This time will display for the customer on the confirmation that the customer sees and internal reports for operation staff.

Confirmation Email Replies
When a customer hits reply on their confirmation email, it will now go to the email address specified on the confirmation template. Previously email replies were directed to the individual user who sent the confirmation to the customer. If you don't set an email address on the confirmation template, the email reply will still go to the user who sent the confirmation.

New Room Card Layout
The room card text size has been increased slightly to make it easier to read. Also, the header information and logo are now centered on the page.

New Time Pickers
There is a new time picker everywhere that you enter a time in Mazévo. This new time picker works better with the tab or arrow keys making it easier to enter time from your keyboard. It also allows you to enter any time in one-minute increments. There is also a new drop down time selector for use with your mouse.

New Service Charge Modifier
You can now adjust the service charge applied to any pricing plan. Previously Mazévo could only compute a single service charge for an item. With this change, you can configure the pricing plan to adjust the standard service charge applied to a resource.

New Tool to Change Booking Event Names
You can now multi-select bookings in the Event Editor and change the booking name. Previously you would have had to change each booking event name individually.

New File Attachments for Events
You can now upload documents to an event in Mazévo. This feature enhances the existing "Linked Documents" function that allows you to upload documents to your organization's cloud file storage and link them to an event in Mazévo. Now when you upload a file for an event, it is stored within the Mazévo system.

Find Events - New Event Name in Standard Filters
You can now search for events by event name by using the standard filters in Find Events. Previously you would have had to navigate to more filter options and select event name to search there.

Find Events - Specific Dates Search in Standard Filters
You can now specify a specific date range when using the standard filters in Find Events. Previously the only way you could use a date range was to click more filter options.

New Prompt for Room Setup User Preference
Individual event planners who book events in Mazévo can now opt-out of being asked to enter a room setup when entering new events. You can still add a setup configuration after you create the event if needed. You will find this setting under profile & preferences.


Bryan Peck

Written by Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.

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