Updates to the Event Book & New Mobile Ops Layout

Dec 3, 2021 8:49:35 AM / by Bryan Peck

Book Updates

Add Bookings to Existing Events Directly from Event Book

When adding a new booking from the event book, you can now add it to another existing event. Previously, Mazévo would add any new bookings in the event book to an entirely new event. 


Add Organizations from the Event Book

When you are adding a new event from the Mazévo Event Book, you can now add a new organization on the fly. Previously you would first add the organization to Mazévo then go back to the book to create the event.


Course Instructor Names Now Display in the Event Book 

When viewing imported courses in the Mazévo Event Book, you will now see instructor names in the pop-up tooltip. Previously the only way to view the instructor was to click into the course. You can also now use the search bar to search for courses by instructor name.


Operations Updates

Mobile Operations: New Layout for Booking Information

When viewing event details in manage operations, you will see that booking information has been organized under collapsible panels to make it easier to hide the data once you have viewed it. There are also new labels for each field.


Operations (Web): Filters and My Staff Combined

There is a new settings button that takes the place of Filters and My Staff.


Billing Updates

Create Invoices: New Filter by Organization Type

When creating invoices, you can now filter the invoices by the type of organization.


Find Payments Now Displays Event Name, Organization, and Contact


New Combined Find Payments and Deposits

You can now generate a combined list of payments and deposits. Previously you could only create a list of deposits and a separate list of payments.


Other Updates

Updated Confirmation Previews

When you preview a confirmation, you can now send it straight to your printer instead of saving to PDF first and then printing. The preview also now shows page breaks.


Requester Security (Advanced): New Max Daily Hours Setting

You can now limit your requesters to a specified number of hours that they can book on a day.


New Events Column When Viewing Contacts

When viewing your list of contacts, you can now view events (current and past) that a contact is associated with. You can also add a new event for that contact by clicking the plus sign.


Event Planners Now See Total Inventory & Can't Exceed It When Adding Resources

You will now see the total inventory of an item when adding resources to an event. Mazévo will also now prevent you from entering a quantity that is more than your entire inventory of that item. Previously, you had no way of knowing the overall stock of any item from that page.


New Data Columns in Advanced Find Events

You can now display date added, added by, and day of the week in Advanced Find Events.


New Setting to Hide Organizations

If you are not using the Organization field in Mazévo, it can now be hidden entirely from all users in the Application. Please get in touch with Mazévo Support if you wish to enable this option.


Turn off Mazévo Messaging. 

You may now turn off messaging in Mazévo if you are not using it. Please contact Mazévo support if you wish to turn this off for your account.


API Update to Get Events

The API's Get Events call now returns the last date the booking was changed. If the event has never been changed, it will return the date the booking was created.


Bugs Fixed

  • The weekly book was not always showing setup and teardown time correctly.
  • Changing status on the book in some situations would result in room not available error.
  • The BEO was not displaying correctly in some instances.
  • Email confirmations were not being delivered in some instances
  • Building hours were being ignored when requesting in some cases. 
Bryan Peck

Written by Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.

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