Academic Statuses: What They Are and How They Are Used

The academic functions in Mazévo use three special academic status records. This article explains the three statuses, what they are used for, and how to create them.


The academic functions of Mazévo rely on three special status records that are used for academic courses. You can customize their descriptions, however, the status types are fixed. Generally speaking, it's best to have the status description match the status type.

Academic Statuses

Academic Booked  

This is the primary status used for courses created in Mazévo. It's similar to the Confirmed status used with events. Only one Academic Booked course can use a space on a given date/time, just like confirmed events. 

Academic Cancelled

This is the status used for canceled course bookings. A course booking in this status does not hold the space, which means you can create another booking for that date/time/space and there is no conflict.

Academic Conflict

This status is used by the system when importing course data. There are two reasons a booking can end up in the Academic Conflict status: 

  • A double booking exists in course import data. It's possible for a double booking to exist in imported course data. Typically, Mazévo assumes that this situation is a cross-listed course. If the date, time, location, and instructor are identical for two or more course records, they are considered to be cross-listed. In the case where the four fields are not identical (say the instructor is different), one course record is created with the Academic Booked status and the other courses are given the Academic Conflict status.
  • An event was "in the way" of a course. During the course import process, if a course conflicts with an event booking, the status of the event is changed to Academic Conflict. In other words, academic course bookings take priority over event bookings. After performing a course import, it's important to check for events that have had their status changed. Using the Find Events function, filter by the Academic Conflict status to quickly find any event bookings that have to be moved or modified.

Note: Users must have the Academic Admin role in order to manage academic statuses.