How to Include Multiple Contacts on Events

In Mazévo, one or more contacts can be associated with each event. The contacts can be designated as the primary contact, a secondary contact, or a billing contact.


There are three types of contacts that can be associated with an event:

  • Primary contacts
  • Secondary contacts
  • Billing contacts

The contact you select in the Add New Event process is automatically set as the primary contact for the event. Other contacts added to an event can be marked as secondary or billing contacts.  Each event can have only one primary contact but may have multiple secondary contacts and multiple billing contacts.  

All contacts associated with an event can view the event in My Events from either the mobile or web interface. However, only the primary contact can modify the event, like changing the date or time of the event or adding resources to it.

When you send a confirmation, the primary contact is selected by default to receive the email. However, you can quickly indicate that you want other contacts to receive the email as well.

To add contacts to an event:

1. Open the event in the Event Editor.

Multi contact 1

2. Click Change EventMulti contact 2

3. To change the primary contact, select a new contact from the drop-down list.

Multi contact 2 change primary

4. To add contacts, click Add Another Contact.

Multi contact 2 add 2nd

5. Select the contact type for the new contact.

Multi contact - contact type

6. Select a contact from the drop-down list and click Add.

Multi contact - pick from list

Here is an example of an event with secondary and billing contacts:

Multi contact - change event

Here's how the contacts appear on the main Event Editor screen:

Event Editor with the organization panel expanded to show contacts

The organization panel is shown expanded.