Billing Codes: What They Are and How to Apply Them

This article explains how to set the billing code for an organization.


A billing code is a number that you apply to an organization's record. Note that there is no "validation" of this number. Instead, you type it in the field provided and then save the organization's record.

The billing code is displayed on confirmations and invoices. It is also displayed when you use the Find Invoices tool. In addition, the revenue analytics report makes use of both the billing and account codes to summarize revenue.

To set the billing code for an organization

  1. Go to Events > Organizations. 
  2. From the list of organizations, select an organization to edit. Billing Code
  3. Type a billing code for the organization and click Save.

This billing code is automatically set on all new events created for this organization. However, you can override an organization's default billing code when creating an event. Existing events are not updated with a newly entered or changed billing code. 

To edit the billing code for an event:

1.  Locate and open the event you want to change. 

2.  Click Change.

3. Enter or edit the billing code on the billing tab.

4.  Click Save.