Calendar Tags: What They Are and How to Create Them

In Mazévo, you can create tags that can be used to categorize events displayed on the public calendars. Calendar tags are a unique type of calendar detail. A calendar manager defines the tags and the calendar detail record.


A calendar tag is a label that can be applied to events as a calendar detail.  An event can be tagged with one or more tags. A user of the public calendar can search for events based on the tags tied to the event.  For example, you have an event that is a musical performance.  You might tag this event with the musical tag and the jazz tag.  In this example, the event type would be performance, and the tags would be musical and jazz.  


To use tags, the calendar manager needs to define both the tags and a new calendar detail record with a type of 'tag.'  

Creating tags

To create a new tag for use as a calendar detail:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Calendar Tags.
  2. Press Add Calendar Tag.
  3. Enter the Tag description/
  4. If a requester can select the tag, check the requestable checkbox.
  5. Press Save.


The next step is to create a calendar detail record for tags.