Customizing the System Generated Emails

Mazévo has several system-generated emails that global administrators can customize the subject line, the email body, and the reply-to address. Customizations to the emails are done on the account settings page.


Mazévo has several system-generated emails that can (and should) be customized for your installation.  These emails relate to a new user gaining access to the system and managing their own email address and password.  If the user runs into difficulty during the process, the global administrator can modify the messaging for each email for your particular needs.  For example, you may want to put a system administrator's contact information in the email if the user has an issue.  


System-generated emails

There are 4 emails that are system-generated.  They are used for:

  • Setting the user's initial password (Confirm Email)
  • Resetting a user's password (Forgot Password)
  • Changing a user's email (Change Email Address)
  • Confirming a user's new email address (Email Address Changed


How to modifying the emails

As a global administrator:

1) Navigate to Account Settings.

2) Select the Emails tab.

The email tab on the account settings page

3) Select one of the 4 system emails.

4) Adjust/modify the Subject Line, Header message, and Footer message.

Example of the Confirm Email message

5) Press Save.

The subject line, header message, and footer message can contain variables substituted with the user's first and last name.