EMS Conversion: What is NOT Converted

Several data elements are not converted during the conversion from EMS to Mazévo. This article summarizes what is not converted.

Data That Is Not Converted

The following items are not converted from EMS to Mazévo:


  • Images for Buildings and Resources
  • Floors 
  • Features / Room Features
  • Areas
  • Sales Category
  • Payment Types
  • PO Number Lookup Table
  • Billing Reference Lookup Table
  • Comment Type Definitions 
  • Comments (Comments attached to Reservations are converted)
  • Group Notifications Rules
  • Notifications Rules
  • No-Show Notifications / Rules
  • Room Card Formats
  • Memorized Reports Settings
  • Query Builder 
  • UDF Definitions (except for Reservation UDFs)
  • Production Items
  • Service States

Reservation Data:

  • Detailed Reservation Changes (Audit Log)
  • Email History
  • Reminder History
  • Attachments (including room diagrams)
  • Reservation Attendees
  • Service Order States
  • UDFs on Bookings, Service Orders
  • Temporary Contacts are added in the "conversion" notes