Event Coordinators: What They Are and How to Use Them

An Event Coordinator is a user with the Event Planning role that can be assigned to an event. The coordinator manages the event for the customer.

How to set a user as an event coordinator.

1) Navigate to Settings>Users.

2) Edit the user by clicking on the user's name.

3) On the security tab, check the Event Coordinator checkbox.  The checkbox is only available if the user is a global administrator or an event planner, 

4) Press Save.

Quick Tips 

  • Event coordinators are assigned to events when the event is created.  Typically, the coordinator is set on the organization record so that each new event will automatically be assigned to that coordinator.  
  • When creating an event, you can change the default coordinator.  If an organization doesn't have a default set, a coordinator can be selected from the dropdown box.
  • By editing an event, the coordinator can be changed at any time,
  • The coordinator for an event is displayed on the confirmation.