Event Import File Specification

Mazévo can import Events and Bookings from a text file. However, you must format the data in a specific way to import it correctly. This article details the data file format necessary for the Mazévo Event/Booking Import Utility.

Import File Specifications

The file for importing events and bookings into Mazévo is a simple tab-delimited text file.  The column order, data type, and maximum length are listed below:


Order Description Max width Field Type Format Example
1 Event ID 8 Alphanumeric Left Justified 1
2 Organization Name 100 Alphanumeric

Left Justified

Basket Weavers
3 Primary Contact Email Address 100 Alphanumeric Left Justified bob@abc.com
4 Booking Date 10 Alphanumeric MM/DD/YYYY 02/01/2024
5 Start Time 4 Numeric hhmm, zero filled  0800
6 End Time 4 Numeric hhmm, zero filled 0900
Building 50 Alphanumeric Left Justified Student Center
8 Room 50 Alphanumeric Left Justified Room 100
9 Event Name 200 Alphanumeric Left Justified Weekly Meeting
10 Setup Style 50  Alphanumeric Left Justified, Optional Hollow Square
11 Setup Count 5 Numeric Left Justified


12 Setup Minutes 4 Numeric 0 to 720 0
13 Teardown Minutes 4 Numeric 0 to 720 15
14 Event Type 50 Alphanumeric Left Justified, Optional Performance
15 Private 5 Alphanumeric TRUE, FALSE TRUE


The Event ID column groups one or more date/time/room records (Bookings) into a single event. Rows with the same event ID will be grouped into a single event.


The following columns will be matched to existing records in Mazevo.  If a matching record is not found, the import process will not continue.

  • Organization Name
  • Primary Contact Email Address
  • Building
  • Room
  • Setup Style. (Optional, may be blank)
  • Event Type (Optional, may be blank)