Event Import File Specification

Mazévo can import Events and Bookings from a text file. However, you must format the data in a specific way to import it correctly. This article details the data file format necessary for the Mazévo Event/Booking Import Utility.

Import File Specifications

The file for importing events and bookings into Mazévo can be a tab-delimited text or an Excel file.  The column order, data type, and maximum length are listed below. The first row in the file must be the column names (exactly as shown below, and they are case-sensitive)


Order Description Max width Field Type Format Example
1 EventId 8 Alphanumeric Left Justified 1
2 Organization 100 Alphanumeric

Left Justified

Basket Weavers
3 ContactEmail 100 Alphanumeric Left Justified bob@abc.com
4 BookingDate 10 Alphanumeric MM/DD/YYYY 02/01/2024
5 StartTime 4 Numeric hhmm, zero filled  0800
6 EndTime 4 Numeric hhmm, zero filled 0900
Building 50 Alphanumeric Left Justified Student Center
8 Room 50 Alphanumeric Left Justified Room 100
9 EventName 200 Alphanumeric Left Justified Weekly Meeting
10 RoomSetupStyle 50  Alphanumeric Left Justified, Optional Hollow Square
11 SetupCount 5 Numeric Left Justified


12 SetupMinutes 4 Numeric 0 to 720 0
13 TeardownMinutes 4 Numeric 0 to 720 15
14 EventType 50 Alphanumeric Left Justified, Optional Performance
15 Private 5 Alphanumeric TRUE, FALSE


16 BillingCode 50 Alphanumeric Left Justified, Optional


17 ExternalData 1000 Alphanumeric Left Justified, Optional



The Event ID column groups one or more date/time/room records (Bookings) into a single event. Rows with the same event ID will be grouped into a single event. 

Billing Code and External Data are stored on the event.


The following columns will be matched to existing records in Mazevo.  If a matching record is not found, the import process will not continue.

  • Organization Name
  • Primary Contact Email Address
  • Building
  • Room
  • Room Setup Style. (Optional, may be blank)
  • Event Type (Optional, may be blank)