Hidden Account Settings

Each customer that uses Mazévo, has several settings that affect the operation of the software. Below is a description of these settings that are maintained by the support staff at Mazévo.

Booking Lock Days. This setting determines how old a booking can be before changes are prevented.  The default setting is 365 days. The purpose of the setting is to prevent changes to historical data.

Review Approvals. If the approval feature of the system is used, this setting determines whether new approvals are immediately available to approvers or whether an event planner must preview and release the approvals.  The default setting is to hold approvals until an event planner releases them.  The purpose of this setting is to allow the event planner the chance to review the event for viability prior to asking approvers to review the event. 


Use Event Descriptions. This setting will prompt event planners and requesters for a long event description.   By default, this setting is off.  The purpose of this setting is to allow the entry of a lengthy description of the event that is published on the public event calendar.  It is useful for describing in more detail specifics about the event, such as ticket pricing, showtimes, and details.  


Limit Event Planner to Specific Buildings. This setting, if enabled, will restrict the editing privileges of event planners to the buildings on their user profile.  If the parameter is disabled, event planners can edit events that occur in any building.  


Use Resource Options. This setting will turn on or off the use of the resource options feature.  This advanced feature allows the definition of sophisticated resources that require additional selections.  For example, a catering resource called the Italian Dinner Buffet, may allow for the selection of one or more sub-items (pick two salads, pick one main entree and select one dessert). This option is off by default for new customers.


Organization Required.   This setting, if enabled, will require an organization to be selected for all new events.  This default setting is enabled.

Contact Required. This setting, if enabled, will require a contact to be selected for all new events.  This contact becomes the primary contact for the event. The default setting is not enabled.  

Cancel Incomplete Requests After x Minutes. This setting determines how long an incomplete request should remain active in the system.  The default setting is 120 minutes.  After 120 minutes, the event and all of its bookings are canceled.  An incomplete event is an event that the creation process was interrupted before the final step.  The main steps in creating a new request are:

  1. Select and book the room(s).
  2. Select any required resources.
  3. Provide answers to any event questions.