How to Add an Image to a Room

When requesters and event planners are creating new events, they can quickly view an image of a room while they are creating an event. This article explains how to add an image to a room.

Viewing a room image

When a requester or an event planner creates a new request or event, clicking on the room name will display the room image.

requester view room image

Adding an image to a room

  1. Navigate to Settings > Rooms.
  2. Click on the room you want to add (or update) an image.
  3. Navigate to the Room Image tab. 
  4. Click on Upload File and locate the image to upload. - The file size must be smaller than 1MB
  5. Press Save.

2024 - add image to room


A recommended image size of 530 x 480 pixels is recommended.  Remember that this image can be displayed on a phone, so the smaller the file size, the better performance for a mobile user.