How to Add Attachments to an Event

In Mazévo, each event can have documents uploaded and attached to it. These documents can be photos, spreadsheets, word documents, or PDFs.

Attachments vs. Linked Document

Attachments are files uploaded to the Mazévo cloud and available to use, while linked documents are URL links to a shared document library hosted and managed by you.  Dropbox, SharePoint, Google Drive are examples of shared libraries.  

When using Linked Documents, access to the underlying service must be considered since the link may be emailed to your customer when sending a confirmation or invoice.  

Adding an attachment to an event

1) Open the event.

2) Navigate to the Documents tab.

3) Press Add Document.

4) Select Attachment or Link Document and enter:

For attachments:

a) Enter the description and any notes about the attachment.

b) Press Upload File and select the file to be uploaded.

c) Press Save.

For linked documents:

a) Enter the description and any notes about the linked document.

b) Enter the Link (URL to the attachment).

c) Press Save.